Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Benji-son, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. For being a complete dinlow, but i have just picked up a new Web-tex bergen and found a 'Day yoke' at the bottom. Now do these usually come with the bergen's or am i a jammy bas7ard?
    Also, Can some-one give me an idiot guide on what they do, How they work and how to fit them?
    I'm sure when i finally get round to starting basic i will learn all about this stuff... But that could be a while yet.

    Thanks, Ben
  2. Why, if you haven't even started basic training, have you got yourself a webtex bergen? The day yoke probably attatches to a side(rocket) pouch, so that it can be used as a day sack.
  3. If you're a complete gimp. You sure are one jammy bugger to have free rocket packs! Mind you, I don't s'pose a Mars bar, Nintendo DS and The Beano are going to stress those shoulder straps too much... :lol:
  4. Que?
  5. I do alot of Hill walking/camping, and my civvy bergen has seen better days... + You try going to Blacks or Millets and getting a 120ltr bergen for 90 quid and of the same quality, it doesn't happen :lol:

    And thanks, that makes sense about the yoke thingy, just unzip the side-pouches and make it into a day pack!
  6. Fair enough. It should, IIRC, have a few clips? you'll have a few straps that seem loose as well, these can wrap around the bottom of the pouch, if you get me.
  7. If you need a 120 L bergen for civvy camping, you are carring too much crap.

    Or do the home made claymores weigh a lot??
  8. Here yeah go...
  9. Hahahahah. You won't be saying that when your web-tex shite falls apart.
  10. Whats wrong with a combat handbag and a young private to carry it for you!!! :lol:
  11. WEBTEX!! nuff said