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What's this all about? I was only trying to access a thread that I'd posted on earlier.

It's not in "the hole"

Anyone else having the same issue?

Anyone know why Smudge67 has been banned whilst we're at it?


Book Reviewer
I thought it was a bit weird about Smudge getting banned. I was checking out his last few posts, and aside from them being as boring as ever ( ;) ), nowt was different.

I suspect its yet more fun and games from the 'final solution' upgrade...
Try logging in and ticking "remember me" otherwise like a goldfish in a spin dryer, or a spam infantryman, the site will forget you immediately.

Prince Albert, why do I get pictures of MDN's bell end when I google your moniker???


My ban was due to my account being previously suspended (my request, due to a stalker.....)
The system flagged up my username and pinged it onto the banned list.
Try firing off a quick mail to Admin, and they'll sort it out.

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