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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sigstab, May 26, 2005.

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  1. Thou shall not steal...

    Comments please.... :twisted:
  2. Cognitive dissonance -

    Gut reaction is 'savages.'
    Considered reaction is, 'but it may have a use among those chavs who see fit to steal from the aged and inifrm....'
  3. I don’t know what’s more disgusting, the amputations in the video or the video itself.

    Islamic fundamentalists are savage but there is something about chopping the hands off thieves that appeals to the psycho in me!!!
    I like the idea of a punishment that fits the crime. Think about it, if we cut the hands off convicted thieves, cut the cocks off rapists, and put murderers to death, we would have a big reduction in crime as criminals wouldn’t be able to offend again and also those thinking of committing a crime would think twice before doing it. Poetic justice.
    Think about it.

    Another point.
    Videos like that are created as propaganda to convince us that Islam is evil.
    The vast majority who believe in Islam are decent people like you and me. Unfortunately they also have a lot of psycho c u n t s.
    Before we go judging a religion, let’s remember that Christianity has had its fair share of blood shed. Remember the dark ages when we burnt witches in the name of god, the crusades when we butchered Muslims in the name of god, the violence between Catholics and Protestants. There are plenty of other examples of Christian savagery, I just can’t be bothered to list them all.
    Our religious savagery may be in our past but it is still a part of our history.

    My point is, no religion is evil. What is evil are the deeds done in the name of a religion by savage c u n t s.
  4. Purely a personal opinion, but to say that "no religion is evil" is inane. All religion is nonsense. I'd as soon believe that elves, faeries and leprechauns are responsible for creation and destiny. There is precisely the same amount of evidence for their existence and influence as there is for any of the religions' totems, and they're generally cuddlier.

    The sort of barbarity you see in that video is the result of manipulative people using the gullibility of foolish people to bend to their will for their own purposes, not the will of any of their gods. Beyond that, the religious belief that there is an 'afterlife' may keep the elderly from premature senility, an admirable result, but is in reality only wishful thinking. (rant over)
  5. you mean there's some doubt about this :)
  6. Problem with amputating the hands of thieves etc is that you are taking away a means for them to then become constructive members of society. Much better a punishment that is harsh enough to be a deterrent but allows the person to find work afterwards. Otherwise we're just adding to the already overloaded benefits system problems.

    However removing either surgically or chemically the means for rapists to perform ever again is something I have no problem with. Ditto Death penalty when it is proven beyond reasonable doubt, (eg DNA, Witnesses etc). The excuse of insanity/mental problems should not count. Surely if they are that nustable that they are killing other people they are of no use and indeed a danger to society?

    Anyhow, back on topic, taking the hands of theives is incredibly barbaric and whilst in my younger years I fully advocated it I now think it's not such a great idea.
  7. Witness testimony is NOT secure enough to put someone to death over - it has been shown to be one of the least reliable forms of evidence - plenty of psychology work is focused on this. But DNA on the other hand, is pretty watertight. I'd just hate to be put to death because some mong could SWEAR the guy was wearing a red jacket, when in fact the murderer was wearing a blue one.

    Bang-on Goku - organised religion is the root of all evil.
  8. Stick with Santa. At least you get socks from him every year.
  9. What about the 'oops sorry about that, new evidence, sew them hands back on doc?'

    Bit late after the event if you is proved innocent!!
  10. I didn't say anything.
  11. Locked pending deletion.

    The decision was taken some time ago , to not allow the posting of video footage showing gratuitous violence. This decision was made after the posting of links to numerous beheading videos, and the famous Apache v Insurgents footage.

  12. And he ain't pretty either :wink:
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