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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by taff.571, May 17, 2012.

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  1. hi sorry to hijack your post but im in need of some info and as the army is doing its best to give me no info what so ever i thought that i would get lucky here.

    right the story so far im currently serving i have been downgraded to P7 MND and as such been told by the docs that i will automaticly be put through the PAP 10 process but according to my OC thats not the case he says that glasgow have to apply for my PAP 10 not the other way around so i would greatly appreciate it if someone could give me some accurate info or at least a link so i can see the process for myself.

    many thanks in advance for your help and sorry if this subject has already been covered.
  2. pm sent.
  3. thanks for all the info sent still going throught it all but i see what your saying about the previous info given to me so many thanks
  4. having had a look through some of the stuff i was sent i found a contact no on the bottom of one of the forms and i rang it for it to turn out to be the so1 lt col richard latham who is one of the people who rote PAP 10 and he told me the full story behind it and the truth about what should of happend so with his help he is now telling my unit what to do and it looks like im finally going somewhere fingers crossed. thanks for sending me the info which has let to this.
  5. No problems. Remember, once you've got yourself sorted, should you have found out anything useful that could help out someone else then please post it on Arrse.
  6. got a bit of an update. well the unit as soon as being notified of me being P7 MND(P) should have completed appendix 8 the aplication to retain even if thats not thier intention then that goes to glasgow they look at it and eather accept it then i soldier on or they return it to the unit who then have to complete appendix 22 application for discharde or transfer to another cap badge or arm if no suitable employment can be found then it goes to reccu and discharge where the pensions department to sort out a settlment in my case i been talking directly to glasgow who have told me that my case will almost certanly go through to full medical discharge and all the benifits that go with it so i just have to wait now for the paperwork process to be done. hope this helps anyone else in this sittuation.
  7. Have you got a PRO or been to the PRAC?

    (Oh, and your spelling does my head in).
  8. To The Snail
    I dont care if my spelling bothers you or grammer offends you or the fact that im welsh is anything to do with it.

    I came on this forum to try and get some information and where able pass on some information, not to be attacked by you so if you don`t like what i write then by all means feel free not to read it or comment on it, and further more i don`t care how big you are mate im really not intimidated by you in the slightest.
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  9. Taff, I think what the Snail who often helps OPs means, have you approached your Bde PRU for advice. If you are MND Perm it may be that you are pne'd and come under their care.
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  10. First off, I am not your mate. Second off, I am not big. Thirdly, I sometimes do know what I am talking about. You make your own mind up.
  11. The only reason im getting funny with you is because from the off set all you have done is be insultive towards me and when you message me i dont quote your messages but you quote mine. I didnt come on this site to fall out with people, like i said before i came on here to get advise and where im able try and pass some on.

    if you want to start fresh then im ok with that but you can`t insult someone and expect them not to get funny about it, enough said.
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