Sorry to be pain in the arrse but answers appreciated?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Dumb_GeorgeW, Apr 19, 2005.

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  1. Will be doing the RCB soon. Planning to join up what ever happens - would i be wise mentioning this at RCB? also Roughly how many RCB failures (%) join in ranks after getting deffed at the board?

    If i do screw up RCB would i be wise to keep this one quiet when i join in ranks? (RE:piss taking ect)

    also - will be 24 when i join up, what is average age of new recruits - don't really want to get stuck with a load of kids.

    nice 1
  2. Think it might give you a problem at the, "Why do you want to be an Officer?" question in the interviews.

    Not aware of any stats on this one - not even sure of why we would want to measure this.

    Don't worry, you'll get plenty of practice at how to handle them when your post gets a few more replies :twisted:

    Oh and what age counts as a kid? You might have a little problemette or two when you take command of your first Platoon/Troop - your bunch of kids might not want to get stuck with you grampa. :wink:
  3. I refer the honourable gentleman to the Sticky above

    BTW I was v impressed to have one of my threads elevated to the heady heights of a sticky. My mum will be dead chuffed.
  4. I was asked if I would join as a soldier at a sponsor interview and was told that if asked at RCB should say yes as it shows determination and a real desire to be in the army. Also my sponsor told me that even if I failed RCB, if I joined as a squaddie and excelled then being an Officer was never out of the question. Maybe he was desperate.

    I definitely wouldn't hide it, it won't put you in a bad light I shouldn't think.
  5. "If i do screw up RCB would i be wise to keep this one quiet when i join in ranks? (RE:urine taking ect)"

    Dear Dumb George,

    This is akin to Salman Rushdie owning up to his real identity during a "Mad Mullah" conference in Tehran. In this event keep it Stumm!
  6. Thanks for the comments, will bare in mind when time comes - realise that some of you find these RCB questions a bore. But having no military background / experience and knowing no one in the Army this site is useful.

    one other thing - what type of questions am i likely to be asked at RCB to test my knowledge about the army? - have read the pocket guide which is , with this site and the press, the sum total of my knowledge of the army at the mo.
  7. DGW. If you are 24 why havn't you bothered getting involved before? If it has never crossed your mind to join cadets/OTC/TA then the board might think that your current intention to join, whether an officer or soldier, is a brain fart. As for the 'kids' bit, most soldiers end up in a unit at 17 and a half to 18. If, for some reason, you have a problem with that then suggest you are looking at the wrong career. Believe it or not they will probably look up to you in basic training and expect to see a little leadership from you - and so will your instructors. Enjoy!
  8. ....fair comment - unfortunately been at university for a while and none of these options was practical.
  9. OK, but have your reasons to hand at RCB. Suggest you start with excuse that you were working nights in restaurants to pay yourself through college and to buy essential medicine for sick relatives etc.

    But if it isn't a brain fart - go for it lad...