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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cuddles, Mar 29, 2011.

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  1. In the course of teasing Nehustan about his heraldic to-ings and fr-oings, I suggested he was the rightful claimant to the barony of Castleshortt and might want to hire a bodyguard. It was a short (see what I did there) step to roping in the IBA and it's grand panjandrum to the joke. However I scanned their web-site and its links to James, Baron Castleshort and was amazed to see he is claiming membership of the In and Out.

    Thankfully I am a member of a much more distinguished club (!) but I wondered if anyone on here, who is a member of the Naval & Military can confirm whether or not the blessed James is in fact a member there? The name is Shortt, as in somewhat lacking...
  2. It seems they let anyone in nowadays.
    The In and Out

    From the above page.
    In recent years, the membership has expanded to include ladies and gentlemen who have not served in the Armed Forces and the Club has benefited greatly from this.
  3. Oh, well then the Baron probably qualifies!
  4. I can feel the disappointment from here ;-)
  5. HHH

    HHH LE

    The IN & OUT Club
    Surely that has to Euphemism ,especially if you take Wikipedia's first line of the meaning of euphemism:- Euphemism is a substitution for an expression that may offend or suggest something unpleasant to the receiver!!
  6. Ahhh, then can I say I have Euphemismed my girlfriend's bum last night?
  7. :biggrin:

    No, to be honest I thought it might be boldest yet checkable claim of 2011 when I saw it. I'm surprised he hasn't joined RUSI as well!
  8. I was reading about him the other day and amongst other distinguishable titles and appointments he holds, he is a full Colonel in that most distinguished of groups the Legion of ******* Walts, sorry I mean Frontiersmen, so it would seem he has the right qualities for membership.

    He can impress the other members no end with his many varied medals and uniforms from decades of service.
  9. It refers to those words,which are painted on the columns either side of the front door.
  10. Oi'll sennem moy applercayshun roight nar, moite!

    The In & Out (Naval & Military Club )
    No. 4 St James's Square
    SW1Y 4JU

    They'll toik enny ****, moite!