Sorry this fat kiddie fiddler ought to be in nick.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. A Kiddie fiddler hasn't gone to nick because he is too fat Link

    Sorry but I couldn't careless the w@nker should be locked up.

    Rant Over.
  2. If he's too fat to go to prison then he can't be guilty. The kids were either too lazy to run away from him, or secretly enjoyed it.
  3. Send him to the womans prison allowed out of cell for 1 hour a day and they are not allowed to kill him
  4. Slim enough to do the crime slim enough to do the time :x
  5. Put the fecker in the stocks until he's thin enough to fit a prison cell 8O
  6. If they put the fat b@stard on a treadmill, along with a few other fat b@stards, they could power the prison- helping him lose weight and the prison reduce its' carbon footprint...
  7. Let him bugger more small children until he's slim enough.
  8. 44 now and it stopped when she was 18!!

    She clearly loved it and is now after some cash
  9. Why are you sorry?

    Superglue him inyo a sandwhich board explaining what he has done and how his chubbiness precludeshim from doing bird, drop him off outside a school at closing time and watch the parents chase him down the street. a) He'll outrun then and lose weight in the process or b) he'll lose weight whilst being torn to shreds.
  10. In some ways this is a better sentence.

    Whilst inside he would be protected from the other inmates, get fed and watered and have a roof over his head.

    Now everyone knows who he is and where he is, he will be a prisoner in his own home, his £10k fine for a pensioner is massive and I can see him struggling financially from now on, and he will have to face his neighbours and former church friends as a convicted fiddler. Not a nice situation to be in. He wil have to watch his back every second of the day!!!

    I hope he gets whats comming to him!
  11. just set fire to the Cnut adn watch his blubber melt!!
  12. I know it's the Naafi an' all but seriously, I reckon someone had a word with M'lud and told him it costs about a squillion times as much to put fattie in the jail Med Wing rather than let him fester at home on the NHS. By the standards of the poorly funded NHS community health service, he'll be neglected and die anyway because the community nurse was too busy helping others with their meagre resources.

    So it's a Win-Win. He die's very soon; The penal system and ultimately us the tax-payer, saves money. :D

    Oh And he's a cunt
  13. Ahh bless 2/51 - whats wrong - this brought back painful childhood memories? Sorry to hear that.

    Seriously though, you do realise this is Ireland? THe feckers fought over whos version of Jesus was nicer for most of recent history. This guy is going to get the following:

    Forgiveness from his church, support and help. Because he was an elder. He will sit at home having other churchgoers doing his bdding for him, pervert or not.

    If you think anything else will happen then you have momentarily forgotten that the Irish are completely insane.
  14. Got to agree with Bazz . We don't have many lepers these days so instead of befriending lepers christians seem to befriend child rapists instead . WTF ?????
  15. Clearly he could not have found his own penis without the help of the children, they were in on it.