Sorry Sir, you have no right to know where your child is...

I have no children, but my one experience of social-workers was in a military setting, and shocked me.

One of my soldiers was a long-term absentee for the second time. He turned himself in, wanted to do his time and get on with his life in the army, after spending some weeks at home pondering his next move.

As part of his Court-Martial he had to have an assessment from a social-worker. I drove him down there. On the way we had a chat about why he had gone absent, his response was

"I woke up on Monday morning, couldn't face work, and the longer I was away the worse it was".

When we arrived it was only with some trepidation that the Social Worker allowed me to accompany the soldier to his interview. The conversation went.

SW " Why did you go absent?"
Soldier "I woke up on Monday morning, couldn't face work, and the longer I was away the worse it was".
SW " There must be more to it than that.... the army is hard isn't it? People shout at you?"
Soldier " Well, yes they do".
SW " Do you have a girlfriend?"
Soldier "We split up"
How do you feel about that?"
Soldier "Fine really, we are friends"
SW " But you MUST be upset"
Soldier "Well, I suppose"
SW " Well I will put in my report all these mitigating factors, and we'll see what we can do"

I sat there open mouthed in horror as this tree-hugging, beardy-wierdy convinced my soldier that his open and shut case had mitigating circumstances, and the tax-payer funded this!
To take the side of the social workers/police for a moment, we have to realise that they are stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea in these situations. They have to take the kids in, not knowing the circumstances surrounding the case. They have no way of knowing if the child was abused etc. Furthermore, they're in a position where the child has to be able to trust them.

It must be heart-breaking for the parents, but what is the alternative? If the child feels they cannot trust the authorities they are much more likely to go and get free room and board from the likes of LJH. I'm not a parent, but I know that I'd rather be safe in the knowledge that my child is out of harm's way even if I can't get in touch with them. I'm also sure that the relevant authorities do all they can to persuade the child to reinitiate contact if it is safe to do so.
Social Workers .... pah - Cattle Prod the flamin lot of em....

As for the unfortunate incident with the parents having to give in and let the 30 year old in the house just to get said daughter back...jeeze what sort of society do we live in where this can happen and the pedo' isent dealt with to the maximum allowed by law?

I have 2 daughters .... in given circumstances .... Due to the liberal tree hugging SW's and the laws seemingly total inability to act in a manner expected by decent society (ie lock up the pedo' and throw away the key) I would do the same as them, at least the daughter is home where hopefully she would be safe.

Oh did I forget to mention..... as soon as said 30 year old scum bag tipped up it would be a case of a ferkin good kicking, chucked in the back of the transit and then dumped in the middle of Dartmoor or similar wet, cold 'n' windy remote place..... let nature do its thing.....

Do the jail time for it? Yes if needed. They are after all my kids and my responsibility to look after, nurture, bring up and install some form of social responsibility, discipline and a feeling of being a responsible, usefull part of society.

Ok now awaiting the knock on my door from the local SO19/SPG with a whole line of Tree Hugging SW's come for a 'chat' about ....

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