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I am ever so sorry.

Forgive me...... xx
Lippy said:
All donations to the punishment fund are gratefully received :lol:
And we promise not to spend it on wine :lol:
Mmm but only if I can watch...

ooops it's late and I've had a pint or two...
Baddass said:
Yeah, forgive her you calliper wearing bitch! Talk about bearing a grudge eh?

(what did you do Dale?)
when in doubt, keep it out, you small dicked psychopathic transvestite
Stop it Ladies!!!!

RHQ Rug Rat has one up now - they did an even worse thing!!!!
Baddass said:
Oooooooo.....she's annoyed.
shut up you tart and put the kettle on 8)

Note to self: do NOT leave friends unattended on your pc whilst logged in to ARRSE
(Funny tho) :lol:
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