Sorry lads, its me again....

Basically if i joined a 105mm reg. (and this is before applying for Para or 29 Cdo.) then what could i expect to be getting up to on a day to day basis. Also any info on life in an AS90 reg. would be greatly appreciated.
If you want to go to a 105mm equipped Regt, then, unless you have an unhealthy desire to go to 14 Regt and fire for the school, you will have to go to 7 or 29. All UK Regts.

If you want to go for AS90 you have quite a few choices in location, particularly UK or Germany, without any nasty courses first. There are a number of AS90 Regts, all with their own characteristics. However, all this will become clear on the YOs course, where the instructors will have the final choice on where you go anyway.

Therefore, focus on the Gunners as a whole. Most of your choices will depend upon other people. If you like people going the Gunner way, join the Gunners. We get pissed often, have big f**k off shiny guns and have a sense of hunour (on the whole). Once you're in the Gunners, see which kind of people float your boat, be that field gunners, or, God forbid, Air Defenders. Then plan accordingly.

HOWEVER, as an officer, don't be so naive as to think that you will stay in a specific discipline, or in a para/cdo Regt for your entire career.

Therefore, remember, "The Gunners is for life, not just for Christmas"!
Cynical Subbie, Did you sell endowment mortgages in your previous jobspec or maybe you dabbled with the firepower museum or Dome?

What a load of sh*te!

Hard man if your serious about joining up go to your local Army careers and have a chat with them, dont listen to drivel from a one pip wonder who is still wet behind the ears!

But lets examine some of them drivel facts that Cynical Subbie spouted

An unhealthy desire too learn technical facts about the Guns with a posting to 14 Regt RA? So firing the Guns day in and day out is not good?

So a posting to 34 bty does nothing to improve your Gunnery skills that you practice in your units when live firing every 3 or 4 months if that.

Can you really say those courses are nasty when you havnt done them yourself.

We get pissed often , Thats a sharp recruiting tool to use!, as do most of the earths population

Do they still shine the guns? maybe in First RHA but pretty sure that petrol and oil is no longer applied to make somthing that is supposed to be hidden seen!

As for the instructors at YOs selecting where you go they made a bad mistake not sending you as a test pilot for Phoenix!
So Harry;

It seems what you have failed to grasp is that being posted to 34 as a first taste of RD is hardly, in my opinion, ideal. I have nothing against the Bty, or against those that wish to improve their knowledge of gunnery. Indeed, firing frequently does improve one's technical gunnery, however I don't believe that going there offers the rounded package - Dropping gunnery to re-role, being sent away to far flung locations, getting a good stab at adventurous training, experiencing all the aspects of a large, living, breathing Regt. If you wan't to live by the timetable, die by the timetable, then great.

Moreover, if hard man wants to join as an officer, I recommend against him going to a careers office. It seems that the advice offered at such places for potential officers is often dubious. I therefore encourage him to go through SO3 Recruiting at RHQ RA for advice and literature. Gunner officer recruiting is their job, therefore I would suggest they are better placed than all of us to offer advice.

Your comments are duly noted Harry, and have been subsequently despatched to File 13.
Obviously Subbie you've been in long enough to do 6 on 6 off in the balkans, N Ireland, Cyprus etc. spent so much time away sweeping other peoples shit that you miss career courses and leadership courses. Lots of adventure training HA sorry had to stop laughing I nearly Sh*t myself. :eek:
Eh Subbie get your Sub normal head down!!

As already stated there is a lack of Gunnery skills at the lower end of the market and that is across the board, The toms of 7 and 29 have done there basic courses and then embark on there deployment helter skelter!, 14 Regt and 34 Bty is the ideal first post to learn the skills and get fit for a Para/ Cdo course. I have seen with my own eyes 3 Bdrs who were burnt out and had lost interest go to 34 Bty on a 2 Year ERE only to come back 2 years later a lot wiser and refreshed with all those new things that you find out when you deploy and fire most days. All 3 picked up within 6 months of return and were an asset to there departments.

As for AT where is the Gunner Paddling team? 1st Bty, sadly not Army Champs this year but where last year?

Where is the RA Para team? Netheravon a stones throw away

Which Regiment in the RA is responsible for the RA Hut formely the RELT cottage in Snowdonia? 14 Regt

So no AT in 14 Regt

Maybe If a few more of the rodneys spent more time filling out JSATFA's instead of giving bone careers advice that they pluck from Battle action weekly then there would be less of the toms signing off!

PS Subbie dare you post your career profile so we all can see where your wealth of knowledge comes from, or are us goat baggers not worthy!!
6 on 6 off not good. Ex germany regt as they are lost in germany never for the public to see?? Can't be 1st.

Career advice still stands; be flexible!!
Cheers lads. This site is actually better than my AFCO cos they spend all their energy tryin to get me into the RE or Signals. Except at least i don't cause as many fights there as i do here!
I completely endorse your comments with regard to 34 Bty and the development it offers.

However, as it is an ERE post, no soldier can be sent there directly from Phase Two. With regard to Officers going there, my Rodney-orientated answers have clearly riled you.

The RA Hut is actually the Royal Artillery Adventure Training Centre (RAATC) Dolwyddellan. Your AT points are noted, however, from those that I have seen come back from 34, many have felt AT long overdue. In terms of JSATFA, been there, done that, will be doing it again.

Keep it coming!
Just for the record i dont want to be an officer.
More good news subbie old bean, 34 Bty do take on recruits raw from Phase 2!

Thats from an anon 34 bty source who PMd me.

Sorry to piss on your fire, again!

or are you busy getting badged up? remember fire on the water
Fear not Subbie we can still be friends
I have taught many a FOO to piss standing up not to mention arsse wiping!

Frustrating but fun!

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