Sorry I missed it...

Seems that ' hundreds' of nude cyclists toured around London town under the shadow of Big Ben to protest gas guzzling vehicles and the West's lack of interest in protecting the environment, etc. etc..

Guess they were also protesting the slave labourers who make cheap clothes under abject conditions by pedalling their asses au naturel ...

hope that among the bunch there was at least one Liz Hurley type or blonde babe worth the cameramen's time to snap for the ' evening news '...
This isn't it, but maybe it will suffice

Are they putting something in the Brit water these days?

see that some fellow named Stephen Gough, supposedly a former UK Marine, will commence his journey from Land's End to John O' Groats on a bike wearing only a hat and shoes..[ he's done this nude riding thing before it seems ].

this time he'll be ' accompanied' by a female companion who will pedal her ass across Britain with him but, modestly wishes to remain anonymous...

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