Sorry guys

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by titch-bod, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. I haven't followed this up. I'm just riled up. Please follow the link and make your own decision. At the moment I'm at the kill it and fuck it stage. Hopefully I can reach (I DON'T KNOW WHAT), before I plan a visit to Brighto
    Sorry bad night. Will post later.
  2. "i was very.......very drunk"
  3. I'm only quoting this to prevent Titch sneaking back and editing his 'post'.

    We can do stuff with this...
  4. Crikey,I hope he wasn't feeling suicidal.
  5. Perhaps there's a club forming here. It currently has a Chairman (BBR) and now a Secretary?
  6. lol lucky you. I'm 2 weeks dry now & missing it :cry:
  7. Those bastards at The Wiki have done it again...
  8. At last, a sensible and informative thread. Thanks Titch, you have renewed my faith in Arrse.....
  9. Damn their eyes!
  10. Having once nearly posted "GVVH<YGTGTVTVGTGH

    (it carries on for another 15 lines) due to alcohol, cough mixture and general tiredness.

    I can almost sympathise. Wont stop me PMing him and mocking.
  11. I really want to know where he was so desperate to reach before the inevitable trip to 'Brighto'.

    Do you think we'll find out?

    Will it make sense when we do?

  12. Brighton,the gay capital of the free world.Any connection?
  13. Brighto is "sarf' of Londo, east of Devo but west of Dove.

    Thought everyone knew that !