Sorry for this

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by boney_m, Nov 11, 2004.

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  1. Sorry all, but it made me giggle like a child :D :D 8O

  2. I have been pretty lonely recently so I joined a fisting club, I thought it would help me widen the circle of my friends! :D
  3. That also made me giggle like a child :D :D I really do need to get a life :lol:
  4. People in glass houses BBJP :wink:

  5. HEY! this also made me giggle like a child! does this mean I'mas bad as boney?
  6. No need to appologisefor this , and i think it makes us all as bad as boney, as i nearly fell of my chair at work giggling
  7. lordy now i need to wipe coke off my monitor cos i wasn't expecting that !!!!

    quality cartoon boney :D :lol:
  8. Be careful beanz, white powder plays havoc with electronics :D

    But dont thank me, i plagerised it from, a good source for a daily giggle.

    For instance


    The archbishop of canterbury breakdancing. class.

  9. isn't giggling for wee girls? :?:
    I always thought chortling, guffawing and that laugh when your drink spurts out your nose were all far more manly.

  10. PD,

    After the port on the 14th, you definately done some giggling, and i must admit some guffawing. Strangely the guffawing was only in the region of senior officers, but we all promote ourselves mate :wink: