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Sorry for this

Henry_Tombs said:
I have been pretty lonely recently so I joined a fisting club, I thought it would help me widen the circle of my friends! :D
That also made me giggle like a child :D :D I really do need to get a life :lol:
Beanz said:
lordy now i need to wipe coke off my monitor cos i wasn't expecting that !!!!

quality cartoon boney :D :lol:
Be careful beanz, white powder plays havoc with electronics :D

But dont thank me, i plagerised it from b3ta.com, a good source for a daily giggle.

For instance

The archbishop of canterbury breakdancing. class.


After the port on the 14th, you definately done some giggling, and i must admit some guffawing. Strangely the guffawing was only in the region of senior officers, but we all promote ourselves mate :wink:


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