Sorry for the walting


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Book Reviewer


Fairy Tails are often quoted and intended to convince others of Pixi's and Elf's, Whereas Fables are intended to mislead and deceive by exaggeration,
Seeking an acceptance for a futile fictional apology is a combination of a Fabled Fairytale of a Kid with his hand in the cookie jar.


I’d appreciate an opportunity to apologise and set the record straight. Firstly yes, I was behind the @TeaPot23 account and yes I did use the language, thoughts, ideas, and expressions of a former soldier as one's own original work.

It is vitally important that you do not drag the genuine author into this. He honestly had no idea and the work he is attempting to do is very noble. Maybe we could delete the thread in question?

Secondly, I genuinely do want to use arrse properly and am sorry for the childish games.
You can get lost. Your profile is forever tainted with trolling and disruption, you add nothing to this site in your current guise.

Come back as another user name, behave yourself and try not to get pinged as a troll and perhaps you, and more importantly we, can continue to enjoy the site that a lot of us have put a lot of effort into.

Your Greenfly account is toast.
He will undoubtedly be back, again. Sadly.

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