Sorry? Fcuking sorry?!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. I know this is missing the boat after it's already sailed, and probably even sunk; but fcuking hell this current govn should be dragged over the fcuking coals for the Nimrod fiasco and various other mod/sleaze/healthcare etc fcuk ups.

    Instead of "sorry" I want to see civil servants or whoever charged with criminal negligence. What about dragging TCD (that cnut Drayson) back from his well timed career break "racing cars" and investigate his links to dodgy medical companies and the lack of fire extinguishers in Nimrod bombbays etc.

    How about some consequences for fcuks ups? I fcuk up in my job I get dragged infront of bosses, I can easily be sacked and if I'm a really naughty boy I can have my qualifications taken away from me.
    What about the consequences of fcuk ups for those out on Herrick and Telic?

    I'm sick to the back fcuking teeth of this bunch of cnuts fcuking about the things that I hold dear. I'm now seriously considering moving abroad (for those of you with long memories two years ago I was calling people wimps etc for just abandoning the country rather than trying to make it better), things have just gone so downhill. The Tory party is probably a worse option than TC Brown.

    So, I have had my little outlet of rage, it's not really helped, but if people wish to suggest ways of calling these people to account feel free.

    Personally I'd love to see half of new labour squirm infront of a public jury on TV as they're asked some very difficult questions. After Ian Blair has gone of course, if he didn't have something on the Labour leadership he'd have gone for incompetence by now...
  2. Sorry is the new denial. Where beforehand everyhing was just denied and swept under the table.

    Now you can just apologise showing your true integrity and honesty...then sweep it under the table and close the case

  3. This goes back to early B liars years in power, as now we have SO many so-called managers, managing so-called managers, there is no one who could take blame and do the honourable thing, "Throw themselves on their blood soaked swords" and do us all a favour!
  4. I am waiting to hear one of them say sorry as if they mean sorry for what happened, as opposed to sorry I appear to have to almost admit that is a fault of mine/my department/my responsibility.
  5. I seem to remember that the last politician who resigned on a point of honour due to a failing of his department was Lord Carrington who was in the Foreign Office at the start of the Falklands war, his dept. was responsible for the Commonwealth so as his dept was culpable he resigned before anybody suggested it.
    However many a beer has been supped over the years s the grey matter could be suspect
  6. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    No one (apart from husbands) apologises any more.
    The governing party, when the bugger everything up, hold a review. Then issue prelimanary staments, hold a further review, with promises of a 'Full and Far-Reacing Enquiry'. Then leak a few salient points.
    When eventually the dust has settled slightly, the trite phrases come out.

    "Lessons have been learned" Really? What balls!

    " Time to draw a line under it and move on" Yep, to next gravy train and upcoming cock-up.

    Honour is an old and out-moded concept now, in public life.
  7. "We're terribly, terribly sorry that they all died. But we're not sorry for the years of ignoring the repair bill because we wanted to blow the cash on life peerages for our mates and donors, nor are we sorry for the deliberate decisions we took to send people to war at the least possible cost.

    Now, that's a line drawn under the issue, so we can, learn lessons, put in place measures, review our procedures and move on. Does anybody have a Colonial outrage we can apologise for while we're here?"

    Honour?! They thinks it's to do with Party funding.
  8. Unfortunately in some quarters, HONOUR & SINCERITY are now 4 letter words and teflon shoulders are a requirement.......

    Until they develop a sense on Honour then things will never change and only get worse
  9. We're terribly sorry that after investing billions in the new Eurofighter to provide Britain with a dog fighting, close-in, interceptor air craft, we won't now be fitting any guns to it. The bullets are jolly expensive you see! We only have the tax payers interests at heart.

    We are aware that we could strap Air to Air missiles on almost any low cost airframe and it would do the same job, but it wouldn't be the same now would it.
  10. Not true, I'm afraid, the Eurofighter is getting a gun. A Mauser, I believe.

    This should not detract, however, from the utter failings of the incumbent government (and, to be fair, previous governments) to provide for the Forces.
  11. As you may have gathered the word sorry actually means "I am sorry that I got caught".

    It has nothing to do with real regret or taking responsibilty for your actions.

    It is a get out phrase and nothing more.
  12. Last year as part of my course we were being taught about ministerial responsibility. The main cases that came up were the Critchel Down affair, the Westland affair and Lord Carrington's departure. None of which, as you state are particuarly recent examples.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    We are really, really sorry that the MOD fcuked up, yes we are, and no, it had nothing to do with the fact that we didn't give them enough money, nosirree, it was them it was, they didn't do it, but I told them, I said "Listen, even though you've got no money to do anything with, because WE'VE hacked the budget back, leaving you with no money, you MUST, I say MUST spend the nothing you have left on extinguishers, bolted on to new, not 37 year old planes that you haven't got, because WE haven't given you the money, mmmmkay?"

    So you see, even though I, myself am apologising, I feel it incumbent upon myself and this gobment to not only apologise, but blame it on the underfunded MOD at the same time, and then brush it, er, sorry, er, move on, yes, that's it, move forward.
  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    After this story came out, they interviewed some crab-air representative and he said something along the lines of "We do the best we can to maintain these aircraft, and we don't like to lose good men, however, they ARE 37 years old, and we don't have an alternative".

    The subtext was "Give us some fcuking money, and we'll stop flying dinosaurs".