"sorry, cant help you there"

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by nips, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. I'm getting a tad annoyed with the number of selfish feckers in the Army.

    For example, how many people have been to their RAO with a genuine gripe, only to be told to 'come back in an hour/tomorrow/monday'. (unless you're an orficer)

    What happened to the 'teamwork' and other such qualities a soldier should posess? Why can't people be more helpful?

    Or is it just me being an old grumpy sod.
  2. Its definately not you.
  3. nips,
    Not got time to reply; Can you wait until tomorrow?
  4. I know the feeling, getting into the RAO is one thing but answering the twenty questions of why you are there and its not their problem is another!!!!
  5. I once went to the pay-office to find out what such and such meant. Cabbage( I shit you not thats what we called him) asked me " Do you think you could smile now and again?" I held up my hand , studied my pay-chit for 3 mins then looking up in a scowling tankpark manner said" I don´t see any fecking allowance for that here tw*t-face"
    Shaken he proceeded to deal with my Q very quickly. :p