Sorry but we can't serve soldiers!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, Sep 1, 2010.

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  1. You're in the army? Then get out of my shop! - Morecambe Today

    Soldier returns from the Stan & local shopkeeper refuses to serve him in Morecambe!! Feck me! Talk about being picky! Anyone who knows the West End of Morecambe would be suprised that Lingars corner shop on Albert Road, owner Arumugam Tharma, would even think about serving a squaddie.....however, low life, drug dealers and alchies are most welcome. See Link.

    Q: Why did the romans build straight roads?

    A: To stop pakkies building corner shops.

    ps: My daughter-in-law says "how rude".
  2. So what? The shopkeeper's not obliged to serve him.
  3. Neither is the shopkeeper obliged to leave the country, YET.
  4. you ******
  5. Where does it even say the proprietor was foreign? Does Lingars Off-Licence sound very Middle-Eastern to you? A shopkeeper can refuse to serve anyone for whatever reason he likes, and there's nothing stopping the soldier from either going to the next shop along or getting changed out of uniform first.

    What, because I'm not getting outraged that a soldier was refused service in some off-licence in some backwater town? Right.
  6. The shopkeeper is not obliged to act like a cnut, either.

    The only valid reasons for refusal of service are if the customer is acting in an offensive or threatening manner, is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or below legal age to buy certain items.
  7. no your a ****** for not getting outraged that this happens,
  8. You mean "yes" then........
  9. as i smash my head into the key boared, yes, i mean yes, zulu is a grade A fore stroker, for not getting a pissy fit on that this happened, and happens
  10. Is that an opinion or a legal fact?
  11. name, and shame the shop,,,,,,, boycott, black, avoid spending money there, they would soon get the message
  12. Stoke the outrage caravan up Smudge, and bring plenty of sandwiches!!!
  13. Did anyone here get outraged at signs in pubs saying "no travellers"?
  14. iam inbound in the angry stuka, siren on full tilt,
  15. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    If you can manage to see through the red mist long enough to read the article that was linked, you'll note that the shop and its location are mentioned: