Sorry, but the Sunshine Bus is too funny

My nephew has his birthday party a few days ago, one of the attendees was a mong. He had me p1ssing myself, when:

1. He was given a baloon.... screaming his head off and running all over the place, ran into a wall twice and feel down about 4 times.
2. He got quiet for about 5 minutes and when I looked at him he was at the front window licking the sh1t out of it.
3. He was given icecream and promptly dove face first into the bowl.
4. Proudly pronounced to his mother that his pee-pee was itchy, whilst standing in the middle of the living room with the offending item firmly stretched to its limits.

Not having had much exposure to the mong population, all I could think about was you lot on Arrse talking about them. I though you were just a bunch of heartless barstewards. I apologise for doubting your expertise and opinions. I have been converted.
Its a mongshine bus surely?
Looks like the cadets mini bus at the detachment we share with them PMSL
I thought it was Tony and various Party members on a trip to Herne Bay. Do you think someone should take over from Blunkett at the wheel?

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