sorry bout this but need to be 100% sure

ino ive asked this before and yep i am preparin for incomin :roll:

i got told yesterday dat even tho my run time at selection was 9mins 59seconds, i can transfer to paras from guards at harrogate at week 4 (as long as i get under 9mins 18seconds on the BPFA in the first week) this correct?

i did a BPFA today on my military prep course which im doin in these 7 weeks before i go to harrogate and got 9minutes 12seconds so im up to standard on the run.
WHY ASK THE SAME QUESTION TWICE???? You had your answer - if you have a serious question ring the recruiting office!!! AND STOP SPAMMING!
No incomming havent got a F*ck clue about the times but good luck to you son.


War Hero
you worry too much. ffs you will have a coronary by the time you get to AFC chill out.
How about stay in the Guards and then go Guards Para, some good switched on lads in that bunch.
correct me if i'm missing something but why don't you just go for paras straight away. you're allready talking about transferring and you havn't even started?
Could we perhaps encourage young lads to use the search function instead of feeding their laziness!
Fcuk me 9 mins 12.........have standards dropped that low... I was no fitty when i was in 81-94 but I was lamabasted everytime I ran a bog standard 9mins 30s or have I got the wrong end of the stick and the distance has increased?
You sure that wasn't 10mins 30s Chimp? ;)

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