Sorry at last: minister apologises to widow of soldier kille

An apology from the unpleasant Adam Ingram, though, not TCH, who is he one who should be apologising.

I wonder why Ingram, who is normally intransigent, should suddenly decide an apology should be made?

Mrs Roberts is backing moves to prosecute politicians and senior military officials should similar cases occur. Opposition peers will try tomorrow to amend the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill to remove military immunity in cases of kit shortage or failure.

Then again...


War Hero
no apology from the cnut who was actually responsible for Sgt' Roberts' death though:

Geoff Hoon, then the Defence Secretary, held up the order for more body-armour kits because he did not want to draw attention to military preparations for war. By the time sufficient armour arrived, the invasion had started ­ and Sgt Roberts was dead. He was accidentally shot by a comrade, who was trying to protect him from a rioting mob.

His widow has received a formal apology from Adam Ingram, the Defence minister now responsible for the case.

Why am I not surprised... :pissedoff:

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