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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Bradshaw, May 29, 2006.

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  1. Just so you know i have looked around the site for answers to my many questions but not had much luck.
    Im male 17 and currently joining the british army, done my barb test and application etc and ive got my 2 day selection at lichfield on the 8th, my briefings on friday. Currently at college doing Uniformed public services, so ive been doing 2 sessions of circuit training and 2 sessions of sport a week, aswell as running 3 nights a week out of college (Well WAS but currently trying to recover from shin splints while also maintaining my fitness for my 2 days at lichfield, tis a bloody nuisance!!)
    Ive been to various out-days with all of the services, a week down exeter with the royal marine commando's (HARDEST week of my feckin life i tell you)
    2 days camping on a muddy mountainside with a psychopathic ex-navy pti.
    I think i have experiences which will definately help in the military anyways.
    First of all i want to ask the questions ive seen most of around here, fitness requirements!!!
    Ive seen various times put down here for the 1.5 mile run, 12 mins 30 secs seems most common, which is what a friend of mine said he had to do when he went down a few weeks ago, and yet my recruitment bloke says its 10 mins 30 secs for me, is this because im going into the infantry? Do the times vary depending on what your going into or...?
    I think ive got the general idea on the other requirements, jerry can walk, 7 pull ups, and something else to do with pulling against a machine? All very vague, might just be me bieng slow, but i have tried to find answers without having to do a topic and asking these same questions of you all once again.
    Also, ive harboured a dream of eventually becoming a royal marine when my fitness is at its peak, i hear that i dont have to leave the army and join the royal marines, and that i can do the royal marine commando course while in the army, is this true? And will i be army or royal marine commando? Or army commando?

    Think thats it for now, i think to much, off for a run now so ill probobly be back in about an hour with more bloody questions.
    Many thanks for an effort on your behalfs, bradders.
  2. Why don't you just join the Corp instead of dicking about saying you'll do the all-arms course? Not the attitude to have....
    You'd be an army commando and have a dagger to sew onto your cs95's.
    Aim for below 10:30 in the 2.4km run. Anything above that is fcuking pathetic if you want your green lid eventually.
  3. All about money, im only just doing the 1.5 miler in 11 mins, im simply not fit enough for the royal marines and i dont have the time to get fit enough, as soon as i finish this college course i need to be in the army else im jobless or working in ******* mcdonalds, so i figured i would join the army for a few years to get my fitness up and then do the commando course.
  4. bradshaw,
    im also 17 and pondering a career in the armed forces.
    i reckon that if you aspire to become a royal marine commando, wait, get fitter and go for it mate.
    i reckon if you join the infantry they will be reluctant to let you do commando course, and they will try an say they are just as good as RM.
    i mentioned on a previous thread about a friend of mine in the infantry's, fitness level,
    read it
  5. As i just said matey, i cant wait on account of not avin a job and various reasons, and i just need to get out, dunno if anybody understands what im saying but the army is a way out of alot of shit for me here in civvy street and i hate bieng reliant on me nan to keep paying out for me, i dont really have much choice in the matter basically.
    Does anyone have any answers to my other questions?
  6. If you want to be a RM I would go straight for the RM's but as youve said you seem not to have the time to get fit for it? if this is the case then joining the infantry would not be the best move as they wont let you do the Armys course (All Arms Commando Course) unless you fully transfer to the RMs, however if you were to join an Army Corps... Engineers, Sigs etc you could do the AAC this would mean you would wear the cabbage head beret and work with a RMs unit however you still wouldnt be a fully fledged RM.
    You need to ask yourself if you really want to be a RM or just work along side them, and as you have at the moment chosen to join the infantry then just working along side might not be what your after?
    To transfer from infantry after afew years would really be a head ack for you, its not really that simple.
    Personally... I would get yourself down to the RMs office and get on your fitness asap, you may find it abit of a wait untill the next RM intake giving you time to prepair anyway, remember you dont have to be superman when you turn up.

    Hope you can make some sence of this mate,
  7. Have you considered going for the Parachute Reg? - Yes, the fitness levels are about the same if not a bit tougher, so you would have to work on your fitness.
    But they are Elite, and it sounds to me like you want to be part of an elite unit..
    I too am in a similar position to you, I need to join a.s.a.p. But need a little bit more work on the old fitness to go for the Para's.. Like 1.5 miles in <9.15 being the main struggle.
    Basically it seems you have 2 options:
    - Join up as you are into Infantry
    - Sponge of your nan for another month or two while you get super fit, then join Marines/Para's

    Mystic Meg
  8. May have forgot to mention the part where if i dont work, i end up on the street, i cant complain either ive been sponging off her for about a year while i do this college course and get my fitness up. Ive found my biggest problem is trying to get as fit as possible as fast as possible, injuries keep popping up, bit of a bitch but it cant be helped. I think doing the all arms course or transferring to the royal marines/paras once im already in the infantry is my main option at the moment.
    Any ideas on the fitness requirements questions anyone?
  9. Trust me whan I say that a LOT of people here understand fully, and should you make the grade you will look back in a couple of years time and wonder just WTF you were doing, and see you old enviroment in a very different light. The forces are an excellent way of re-starting you life for the better.
  10. the times depend on your age do they no? and as you are a young un' me thinks it is 10:30 someone please correct me if i am wrong (as i am sure you will do lol!)
  11. According to me PTi at college only 5% of the UK's civvy population do exercise on a regular basis scottishcammy. Im an ex asthmatic smoker (Not had an attack for about 7 years) and i quit smoking about 5 months ago, so my body is probobly still healing from the smoking or something.
    "Excuses are like *********. Every fcukers got one and they all stink" :roll:
    Either way it was pretty hard to get my time down from 13 minutes to 11 :oops:
  12. Edit : I usually slow down to that "Running at the same pace i could powerwalk at" thing when i feel the vomit rising scottishcammy, seems sensible to me as im usually to dizzy to run properly after vomiting while exercising
  13. Just keep at it Bradshaw, like some of the guys have mentioned you do not have to be super fit from day one, as long as you can demonstrate the ability to get to that stage by the required time in the course then they will take you on. My fitness was w@nk before I joint up (yes Im a STAB but still need to be fit!) but I went away and worked on it at home alongside the PT on my phase one.

    I look back now and honestly wander why I struggled so much in the 1st place! As scottishcammy said they would rather see you vomiting from the fact you are putting in 100% then to think that you are holding back because you think it is hard.

    good luck
  14. The very best advice I could give you is to just excercise every day that you can. Also if you really feel the need to join the Royal Marines then get yourself down to the P.R.M.C and you will truly be able to decide wether you want in or not. If after doing this there is any doubt in your mind about your choice then move on to something else, because it only gets harder from there. I often hear people saying things like "I fancy joining the marines" or "I was gonna join the Marines....", without having a clue what the Marines do or who they are. Look at all options before making a choice. Now get of the computer and do some running you lazy sh*t!!!!
    Good luck!