Soros: Kremlin is ready for new wars

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. Mr.Soros has written an article that will be published 17 February in a leading Russian newspaper. He makes some suggestions.

    According to mr.Soros a drop in the oil prices dramatically changed geopolitical landscape. Some oil-rich countries become more careful but what one could expect from Moscow? One should recognize, notes financier that there are not the careful bureaucrats, but the adventurers in the Kremlin, who strongly risked in order to attain that they have now. It may well be that they will use the enormous authority of state.

    In the opinion of mr.Soros, if price of the oil will not begin to grow, then it is possible to expect the new armed ventures, similar, to intrusion into Georgia, and strengthening repressions inside the country, he writes


    Do you agree with mr.Soros?
  2. Ahhh George Soros, that well known supporter and hardcore fan of all things Russian :roll:
  3. Don't think the Russsian armed forces are in any state to pursue new 'armed ventures' - they've just cut their defence budget haven't they?

    Most of their armies equipment is cold war era (bit like our air force) and badly needs modernising; the Georgia incursion showed how badly. The Air Force is just as bad with most of its aircraft (mig 29's I think)grounded. The navy's a shadow.

    Hot air I think.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Anyone suspect that Mr Soros is pumping ideas out there that might influence markets and currencies, and thus make him richer yet?

    I bet he's burned a couple of fingers in the latest going on - he might just be trying to play the market a bit - after all, he's just a gambler.
  5. Biped has a point, Soros plays a different game to most of us.

    Trackbasher too, yet the potential opposition, the small ex-soviet Republics aren't going to be in a better state with their armed forces either. So if it is like vs like, and Ivan has the bigger stick then we may just see a bit of adventurism, after all the Georgians didn't exactly stop them. Also if the Russian politicians are trying to build up the country's morale and say that their word matters on the world stage, then a successful incursion or two to make the populace feel strong again might be an attractive option. If at the same time they secure resources then where is the negative side to it?
  6. Indeed he even bets against his own sysndicates so any twitches in any markets will always serve him well. Mind you 'KGB_resident' i doubt the FSB dont also enjoy a flutter on the markets :roll: