Soros: "Europe is facing a challenge from Russia to its very existence".

Does Russia constitutes a threat to Europe?

  • No, there is no any threat to Europe from Russia

    Votes: 3 15.0%
  • Russia is too weak to be a threat to Europe

    Votes: 5 25.0%
  • Threat if it exists is insignificant

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The threat exists but it is not so serious as mr.Soros thinks

    Votes: 12 60.0%
  • The threat is really mortal

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George Soros has warned that Russia’s expansionism poses an existential threat to the EU
Vladimir Putin’s mix of authoritarianism and aggressive nationalism represents an alternative model to western liberal democracies, referring to the admiration for the Russian president expressed by the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, the president of France’s Front National, Marine Le Pen, and Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán.

So is Russia a threat to Europe? Mr.Soros believe that yes

Soros said the EU had become a dysfunctional relationship between creditor and debtor nations, resulting in widespread resentment. “Putin has established good relations with those agitating against Europe,” he said. “The failure of Europe as an experiment in supranational government would make Russia a potent threat
Russia isn't the problem- it's the diet of paranoid nationalism Vlad is force feeding a generation that is the problem.
That's not just a risk to Europe- it's a risk to all its near neighbours in the ex- Soviet sphere.
I think Soros actually owns Russia.

Mr.Soros reportedly lost more than $2 billions in speculations in Russia. Previously he earned good money on an artificial fsll of British Pound. He performed the same operation in Korea and some other countries. But is Russia he lost. So he is still very angry.

However the question is serious. Indeed there is a real profound system crisis in the EU. The countries that are its members are too different (from many points of view). The EU has sufficient and purely internal causes for selfdistruction. So is Russia (more right to say its very existence) an additional cause (and very serious) that leads to the end of the EU?


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The Russian economy is currently imploding - it needs oil prices of over $100 barrel to keep going economically. The current price is $80 a barrel.
Vladimir Putin's math is looking fuzzy. Russia's budget is based on oil trading for $100 a barrel, government documents reveal. Finance minister Anton Siluanov calls that an "alternative economic reality."

Oil currently trades around $80 a barrel. Siluanov warned that cuts will be needed since the budget doesn't reflect the hits Russia's economy has taken from the standoff in Ukraine and falling oil prices.When Russian parliament passed the draft budget for 2015-2017 last week, it assumes that oil trades at $104 a barrel for 2014 and $100 for 2015-2017. That might have made sense when oil traded at $115 in June, but not now.

The result: Russia has a huge hole in its books.

The risk is that Vlad goes for another foreign adventure to distract attention from his problems at home. The risk is that major sanctions could cause the Russian economy to self destruct.


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