sore shoulders

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by foshy, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. ive resontly got my bergan not a huge 1 its more like a smaller version im carrying 10kg in it and im hitting the hills in the common..i went out one morning and dne what i needed to do..later on that evening my shoulders were killing me its not the top of them its the side of my shoulders just up from my hurts when i lift my arms up and i couldnt sleep on them that night coz of the pain..there getting better now but just would like to no if any one has experianced this before and what did u do..carry on what u was doing or just go out with out the bag? cheers
  2. Mate sack the bergan off. Just carry on with your normal runs. I was told never to run with weight on my back or in boots before i go to depot etc.

    When you going to depot mate, on the 22nd feb?
  3. ...yea proberbly the best thing...yea 22nd m8.
  4. I'd keep the bergan on for tabbing if you can.

    Where exactly is the pain? If you can upload a picture of a shoulder, any pic will do, with the painful area highlighted in red of something, then people can give a more accurate opinion of what the pain is and what might help to stop it.. Also tell us how deep the pain is...
  5. were the straps pulled to tight cutting off the circulation even? just a guess
  6. dunno hw to load up pics m8 2 be honest im useless on the feels like its the joints of my shoulders.....say like u got ur arms dwn by ur sides and u raise ur arms up froward it hurts doing that its not that bad now but after a sesh tabbing bout 2 or 3 hours after the pain started...its the side of my upper arms...not where u would put the starps of ur bag but down from there ..dunno if u understand or not its hard to explain in writing.
  7. its not that m8 i do av it tight but not super tight that my hands go blue lol
  8. Umm ok, i've got no suggestions at the moment. If the pain feels muscular, i'd say don't worry it'll go once your strength builds up to match it's demands. If the pain feels like it's on the bone, or deep in the joint, then i'd say it sounds like some kind of impingement, and i'd recommend a trip to a physio if it continues.
  9. so basically if its muscle pain just break the muscle in to get use to it...well im going out 2mora morning 4 a sesh wiv the bag so if it feels bad after then il give it a rest and go wiv out the bag..cheers for ur help m8 much appreciated.
  10. Who told you to never to run with weight on ? 10kg is fine to start with, then build it up. Otherwise when you get to depot you wont be in for such a shock !
  11. so ya reckon 10kg is fine to start with then....iv only just resontly started going out wiv the bag trying to get used to carrying a bit iof weight b4 i go in.
  12. Erh - yeah ! At the depot it will feel like youve been running / tabbing with barb wire for straps. Get as much training in as pos b4 u go, wot r u joining ?

    Edited for being blind....I noticed the paras at the bottom, In that case, start running / tabbing with a wardrobe full of breeze blocks !!
  13. That sounds about right, I've had something similar before. Just loosen them off a bit and see if it's better. Albeit, rest for a few days first.
  14. I've had the same problem, doc said its an enflamed shoulder capsule most likely caused by awkard movement when lifting. anti-inflammatorys were his weapon of choice, but if you rest up a bit, you should shift it pretty quickly.