sore muscles

the day After doing Pt excercises i get stiif and sore(I
know this is normal and means its working)was just wondering is their anyway to help quicken up getting rif of it,as if we did 2 Pts in 2 days,id be hardly able to move the second day
Take a hot bath afterwards mate or go for a sauna / steam room or a hot spa and if possible get some aromatherapy massage treatment. If all that aint possible just simple old radox in a hot bath works wonders.
It all sounds a bit gay but it works for me and its just looking after number one innit.
Just remember to stretch off all worked muscles...and yes hot baths and massage do work wonders.

I can recommend this great Thai place I know..Ahem... :oops:
ComebackYELLER said:
their aint any baths at camp!not even hot water(luke warm)
I'm not gonna bite, i'ts saturday and the weathers looking good, the pub is gonna get a pasting and life's ok.........wah
It aint foreskin science just to go out and buy some muscle rub or go to the local baths in fact go chat up some fat bird down the local and after you popped her arrse make sure you use her bath, all her smellies and maybe some silk shreddies. just remember theres no such thing as a "free ride" :D
If you drink 3+ liters of water each day (not tea, coffee, fizzy pop, stella etc. and all that crap), cut down on fats and increase protein you will feel more energized and recover quicker.

Providing you are getting ample natural recovery time (and not training on top of sore muscles) then you will become conditioned and you'll recover naturally quicker as time goes by.
well erm its better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but basically "you cant fool your body" it'll know and will let you down accordingly.
One final note on the subject .... If its important enough to sit 5 / 10 minutes posting on forums about it then surely its gotta be worth spending the time lookin after yourself correctly and getting the stuff / treatment needed :wink:
If you know anyone in or going to Germany, try and get some Pfederbalsam. It's a gentle muscle relaxant and worked great after the Death March (100km/24hours)
ok if you dont have hot water go to the pharmacy get some lloyds cream, deep heat, heat pads or any sort of linament anything that puts heat into the muscles, also deep tissue massage works well, so while your there get some massage oil/ baby oil and get your thumbs/ knuckles into the sore muscles for 20 minutes

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