Sore losers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by airdrop, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. Anyone care to comment on how an RAF Regiment Sniper team can win the Sniper Competition at Bisley this week, yet come second to a team they out shot because and I quote ' Its an Army competition'

    Sort of stupid that a team that was invited to compete can't win because they aren't in the Army. If you can't take real competition, don't invite outside sniper teams to compete.

    Maybe it should be renamed 'British Army Sniper Competition that can only be won by a second rate Army team who were outshot by a Crab sniper team'
  2. Congratulations to the RAF Regiment Sniper team.
  3. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Having won several competitions hosted by the British Army for NATO allies, but not got any cups, plates or medals for it, I can confirm it works both ways. Hosts couldn't be seen to win old boy.

    The particular problem with letting the RAF win, is that you'll ******* sell our silver when we're not looking and drink the proceeds. Hence you only get second and a paper certificate.
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  4. was your imaginary squadron leader boyfriend on the team, or was he busy imaginarily flying imaginary tornados?
  5. Keep up he's red arrows now in her head of course. Imagine the film 'misery' if she manages to stalk another man that's what will happen.
  6. They have a sniper team?
  7. It would appear they are a winning sniper team
  8. For not wiping their cocks on your pillow when they'd finished with you? Not like that rugby team last week.
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  9. I think I love you xxxx
  10. Translated from RAF-speak; 'Rather than admit that we fucked up, we will embarrass ourselves with a graceless attempt at self-justification instead. Bugger sportsmanship. Bugger it'
  11. I remember a R Sigs team beating the Inf team at NISAAM a few years back, them being told unlucky, only Inf can win. It was annoying but that's life. Perhaps they should have entered as the MPGS team instead.
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  12. Fixed that for you

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  13. Fixed that for you, old chap. No charge.^_~
  14. You really need to work on getting rid of this inferiority complex. Good Lord man, the next thing we'll know is that you'll be claiming that the lowly rank of Flight Sergeant equates to Warrant Officer Class 2.

    Oh...and those blue uniforms (in particularly that 'Harrington' jacket)'s not a good look.
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  15. **** me, it must be looking bad for Crab Air when Tesco have a go at you. Must be down to Tesco having better uniforms I suppose.
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