Sorbothane & Orthotic Insoles

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by monkey_wench, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. Just had a very quick look at website wih many types of these insoles....question do you know which one is rigth for you? I imagine it depends on what they are being used for, rather than the person using them?..or both??

    Anyone familiar?

    I was looking for some to use in my issued boots for basic trg as I don't think I would be very popular if I took my Lowa's!! :D
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Zorbathane is the dog's gonads IMHO. I've been using them for years, and they turn clumpy old boots into comfy trainers.
  3. For orthotics you need to see a physio ideally but there are specialist running shops that have kit to worker out if you pronate or supernate (Think thats right of the top of my head). I wouldn't buy them of tinternet as you may do more harm than good.

    Sorbothane are more for comfort so shouldn't be an issue.

    These guys are excellent if you're near Pompey however they are quite expensive. I've paid over £200 for orthotics in the past from other places that haven't worked.
  5. don't bother paying any money. for a start its completely natural to pro-nate by up to 8% if you have any idea what your talking about as I do. believe me don't pay to have your feet examined by a private podiatrist. for a start if he actually measures your feet and tells you over pro-nate by a certain degree is bollocks and he is using fancy equipment to show off.

    99% of people pro-nate. to counter this simply take a pair of insoles from any pair of your old trainers and put them in your boots.

    if your still getting pain down the front of your shins after this then it may not be shin splits but the muscle (tibialis anterior) is too big for the muscle fascia which holds your muscle in the forward leg compartment.

    if you want then PM me and I will give any advice free. but believe don’t go to a private podiatrist who will cast your feet and simply make you an insole/ orthotic that you could have pulled out of your old trainer or running shoe
  6. Oops! I just recommended in another thread that expensive orthotics are the way to go! I guess it does depend on how bad the problem is.

    So what would be the remedy for this? To counter shin splints I've built up quite large TA muscles and I wouldn't want to end up with a different problem!

    Can't this lead to compartment syndrome? Which is incredibly bad news.
  7. Sorbothane insoles can be issued through the Med centre/physio (depending on how your medical centre works it) They should only issue them for a medical reason and not just because they you want some. However as with most stores items it can be down to who you know.

  8. Mate far be it for me to question this, but if over-pronating is the action of your footstrike rolling inwards how can a pair of flat, crappy insoles from and old pair or trainers prevent the pain caused by this? Also are you talking about using two pairs of insoles (one on top of the other?)

    As well as over pronating my arches also collapse when Im running and its caused me major problems in the past (particularly when tabbing). What would you reccommend for this?
  9. Whats wrong with the shredded wheat insoles that come with your issue DMS's - Second thoughts I have been out since 97 and never put the buggers in my boots when I was serving, another procuement mystery those insoles were. Only wore them in basic and they felt like broken glass at the end of a 15mile CFT!!! :(

    Old days (late 80's) I used to use New Balance Size 10E trainer insoles but as they became available started to get Sorbothane with arch supports (I'm an over-pronator). Never ever got bother with my feet, not even on Njmegen or Troodos marches!
  10. Sorbothane insoles work wonders for me, I use the double srike one. Be careful putting supporting insoles into stability or motion control trainers though as this can alter your gait so much causing more pressue on the outsides of your knees leading to things like ITBS, which you really don't want. As for putting them in boots I don't really know, I would put a soft insole in them as I put a hardish orthotic in an old pair of running trainers and it was far too tight and caused alot of pain on my feet.