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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Sorboman, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Feet taking a battering after training? Try using Sorbothane Shock absorboing insoles - see for military discounts - also good for knee pain, back pain and joints.

  2. oh this just came at the right time. I use Sorbothane in issue boots for my civvie job. But just getting ready for phase 1 and wanted about 3 sets to take with me.
  3. I bet they are great for shin splints!
  4. are these worth banging in a set of lowas??

    got a pair here ive never used...lowas are comfy enough
  5. Not sure about lowas but ive used them for over a year in issue boots and they work great.
  6. They are worth putting in anything.

    Great piece of kit.

    MODS, worth making a sticky in this forum?
  7. No sticky.
  8. Ok, just thought I'd ask.

    If they sponsered, would you reconsider?
  9. discount ?

    get them free from the MO / Physio or med Stores(for the medics amongst us)
  10. Has anyone else bought Sorbothanes from this site? Is it legit? I don't mean to be rude Sorboman and I hope I am wrong - it's just that it was all a bit weird security wise once I had given my details) Anyone who can put my mind at rest so that I don't find my bank account wiped clean by tomorrow morning! (not that there's much in there anyway!)
  11. oldbaldy

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    According to the site, it is part of Mobilis Healthcare. Large suppliers to the podiatry & physiotherapy professions.
  12. Yes, it is part of the Mobilis Healthcare Group - the site was put together especially for armed services use (I manage the site along with Sorboman)

    If you'd feel more comfortable buying from our main site you can use this discount code to get your 30% armed services discount (arsse99).

    Simply type in the code within the shopping basket and you'll get your discount off any product in the Sorbothane range.

    Visit Mobilis Direct to buy your Sorbothane Shock Stopping Insoles
  13. Yes mate I ordered some, there was a bit of a problem because I fucked up my postcode (oops) and then when I rang them to get it changed they didn't seem to know about the discount, but I did get the discount when the card was charged.
  14. Are they any good for shin splints?
  15. All of sorbomans posts are blatant advertising, for something you can get for free from elsewhere.