Sophie Anderton - would you for £10K?


If you've never actually shagged a supermodel, now could be your chance because apparently Sophie Anderton is taking bookings: snip at £10k a time.

Story here

Worth it?
Guess the money is so you can get drunk afterwards to forget. She has too much baggage for my liking.


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Good god the News of the World really is awful. Is it compiled by 13 year olds who don't know how to use the Caps Lock?

As for Anderton, I'd do her in the sh1tter, but I wouldn't pay for it.
Coke's pretty cheap these days. Just get her pied out of her tree on marching powder and do her while she's sparkers. It'll be a lot cheaper than £10K.

Hmmm. What's the phone number?
I've already had Anderton; she was rubbish.
blindfire said:
but she does do a good BJ :D
Good point, well made. She'll use her teath if she thinks you're not being appreciative.
that reporter needs a talking to... i'd have given her one and had the New of The World pay for it..... like a Xmas bonus or something... cassscchingg!
I like the part at the end about the bloke making some excuse, paying and leaving.

Ofcourse you did mate, it's on expenses as long as you get a reciept its fine.
mmmm, News of the World, must be a true story then...


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There was that woman in the 80s who gossiped about Andrew Neil (alledgedly). Her comment on the News reporter's "made my excuses and left" was quite funny. Apparently couldn't get his kit off fast enough.
Can you imagine being the reporter and not actually completing the deal? you would have to pull yourself off in the lift on the way out, well I would.

Also, Imagine Anderton and Moss having a nekked bitch fight, in baby oil....
She pulled a condom from her handbag and placed it on the bedside table. Then she peeled out of her skimpy dress and lay on the bed wearing nothing but her G-string and shoes.

Our man quickly made an excuse, paid an extortionate fee for her time and sent her packing. Today Sophie and her pals will be wishing she'd stayed in the jungle!

Made an excuse? The reporter is obviously a sausage jockey. If I was him the editor of the NotW would have got a large expences bill that week.

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