SOP For Knife Carrying Intruder In Schools - Advice and Thoughts

Never thought that this would ever be a situation that would have to be addressed, however, it would seem prudent to do so.

In brief, Mrs Meaty works in education.

Following the recent events in Mcr and London a number of staff have approached her seeking guidance as to what is the best response if confronted with an intruder carrying a golok or similar, she, in turn posed the same question to me.

There would be up to 30 children present in any classroom at any given time and that usually there would be at least 2 adults present. The mindset, sex, age and physical condition of the adults is, at best, somewhat "flabby".

Each classroom has a fire alarm fitted, this is co-wired to the security doors which automatically open when the alarm is triggered.

Gave the matter some thought as to an SOP that could be introduced.

Initial thoughts were:

* Once evacuation to Fire Assembly Points was complete it would be immediately apparent which Class was absent. Senior designated staff then tasked to got to classroom to assesses situation and report back via already issued minicom. If incident occurring task Plod.

* Actions in classroom being something perhaps along the lines of directing the little dears to hurl chairs at/towards the intruder in order to impede his movement sufficiently to enable to classroom to be evacuated - for the even more tiny tinies them desks could be upended as could chairs in order to produce a similar effect. Much very loud shouting to be encouraged so as to produce at least an element of noise distraction.

* 2 Kg Co2 extinguisers to be held in each classroom with the intention that they can be used to disorientate and incapacitate attacker long enough for classroom to be evacuated.

Any thoughts and ideas would be much appreciated.


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Any budget for panic buttons? Waiting for said flabby person to come huffing to find a missing class could be fatal
How are they getting into the school in the first place?

Or even into the classroom? Lock the door maybe?
Throw the children in the path of the attacker to put some distance between yourself and the attacker whilst you make your get away.
This Side Toward Enemy or two-handed?[/QUOTE]

Personally speaking any cnut threatening weans in a classroom deserves the full targe, dirk and claymore of the basket hilted version approach. After trying to see the intruders point of view and trying to reason with said intruder(s) a polite slogan of "Die ya bastard(s)" followed by much swinging and slashing should set the scene for the status quo ante
Throw the children in the path of the attacker to put some distance between yourself and the attacker whilst you make your get away.
No need, you just have to be able to outrun a five year old.

Even the OPs flabby missus and her oppo's should be able to manage that. They just need to channel the spirit of the Gregg's dash.
Assuming the thread is genuine might I suggest a letter to the local Chief Constable might be in order to see whether they already have existing plans/SOP's in place. I'm sure it will find its way to the appropriate department given the level of threat.

I don't think anything beyond the "Run Hide Tell" thing will ever get put on paper. Adding "get kids to throw chairs" to any official document will amount to career suicide in this day and age once the press gets hold of it and I reckon the Co2 fire extinguisher idea might fall foul of current laws.
Evacuation and lockdown are different things as stated above.

One thing to note, based on SWMBO (education) and my (education & police) experience is that ANY fire alarm activation in a school automatically triggers an immediate (blues & twos) response from Trumpton and Plod Inc. (weddings and Bar Mitzvahs a speciality). When there was a small electrical fire in some ceiling insulation there were two fire engines and 4 police cars there before the building was evacuated.

Security is already tight in the Mrs's school - locked security doors at street entrance, further access controlled by office staff who have panic buttons. In the event of an intruder the teachers can lock the classroom door from the inside.
Here are 2 bits from the US where their "wait for the specialists" (esssentially what Run Hide Tell ends up at) went to pieces when the cops at Columbine could hear kids being killed whilst waiting for SWAT and the transition to Run Hide Fight happened.

Press release and RHF vid
Press Release

Background to RHF, including don't tell the kids the 3rd step, that's for the adults to do
The Truth Behind the Run-Hide-Fight Debate
Don't breed and don't become a teacher. Problem solved

Leave the rest up to the non experts (Nominally running the schools) to get SMEs to review and commission a plan

A teacher and her plod husband aren't going to be driving policy and procedures

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