Sooty lays out Paul Daniels with Pizza


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You couldn't make this shit up.

Paul Daniels in hospital after he is pelted with a pizza by Sooty | The Sun |Showbiz|TV

TV magician Paul Daniels was hospitalised — after Sooty smashed him in the face with a pizza.

Paul, 73, took a terrible tomato-pasting when he was filming a scene with the iconic puppet for ITV's The Sooty Show.

Sooty hurled the pizza so hard it smashed into pint-sized Paul's head and left him dazed and needing medical attention.

He was taken to a hospital A&E where he was treated for suspected head injuries and a black eye.
Was it a frozen pizza? Good targeting skills by the animated wank-sock but, didn't Daniels do National Service? His reactions to effective enemy fired deep pan needs some urgent remedial work.

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