Sooty lays out Paul Daniels with Pizza


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You couldn't make this shit up.

Paul Daniels in hospital after he is pelted with a pizza by Sooty | The Sun |Showbiz|TV

TV magician Paul Daniels was hospitalised — after Sooty smashed him in the face with a pizza.

Paul, 73, took a terrible tomato-pasting when he was filming a scene with the iconic puppet for ITV's The Sooty Show.

Sooty hurled the pizza so hard it smashed into pint-sized Paul's head and left him dazed and needing medical attention.

He was taken to a hospital A&E where he was treated for suspected head injuries and a black eye.
I didn't think Sooty would need to be tooled up to batter the bald-headed little fucking Smeagol Lookalike!
Was it a frozen pizza? Good targeting skills by the animated wank-sock but, didn't Daniels do National Service? His reactions to effective enemy fired deep pan needs some urgent remedial work.
Daniels has been quoted that although he is not going to sue, he doesn't want to sweep the matter under the carpet.

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