Soother Hurled

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by balo_monkey, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. Shame, it was just getting interesting.

    I particularly enjoyed the physco-social analysis of the moralistic and post-event interaction discussed within the social grouping and behavioral politics of the so called Arrse maidens.

    I felt that particular thread was helping to improve the social awareness and personal communication skills of all on this site.

    That, or a spendid opportunity to expose the gipping munters for what they are and have a bundle...............
  2. Liz complained again and the thread got elbowed.
  3. I always find that whining like a little b1tch is absolutley the way to go in these circumstances.

    After all, the end result of that little tantrum was that I sent about a dozen copies of the pics before I was asked to temporarily desist by an arrser that is in them and the subject now has three seperate threads running on it as opposed to the one that was running before.

    Clever move.
  4. Still waiting for my copy.
  5. Excellent.

    Clearly, my work here this evening is done.

    Off down the pub to intefere with the local populus.

    Happy New Year to you all - thank you for the many threads of tear inducing mirth.........