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:D OK so i'm a bloke therfore it's bound to be nothing....so my wife says!

Anyhoo, whilst running a few weeks ago, a kind :x gentleman ran me off the road due to his excessive speed on the single track road I was using. (not hit just had to avoid his chavmobile!!)since then I've had a sore leg and it seems to change the point of pain.

I drive a bit at work and it's ok till I try to get out of the vehicle then......ohmyfkingod it hurts!!! The pain is mainly at the back of the left thigh, I guessed hamstring damage. When I stand up after getting out of the van,I cannot walk for about 2-3 mins with a greater pace length than 6inches! once I'm moving it "frees" up and I continue ok.

The problem is that my job basicaly means i'm driving for 30mins to an hour then crouching,bending,lying on the ground and reaching over low machinery. repeat for +45 hours a week and ...it's not fun.

..if I lie on the floor and lift my left leg, it feels as if the leg and the flesh is painfull under it's own weight. An experienced footie guy at work rekons it might be a trapped nerve or even siatica (spelling?).

I may have a TA selection weekend at the end of june (allowing for family/work/ health/recruits allowing) and my training has gone to sh*t...even put on weight.

PLEASE can anyone give me an idea about the pain?...dont want it on my med record in case....... :oops:

Since I moved house 8 months ago my running has suffered due to lack of suitable roads, (out in the sticks/no lights/poor surface conditions/etc etc) and was putting a focus on my speed and time but it now seems to be destined for a change of date. :cry:
Dunno about the diagnosis, but those wraparound heat pad jobbies do help if you have to drive with a muscle pull or strain - I've got hour and a bit each way in the car and I do stiffen up (obligatory ooeerr missus!) but these things help.
datumhead said:
dingerr said:
Hmm, how about seeing a doctor - it is still free.
As stated above....I DO NOT WANT IT ON MY MED RECORD.

but thanks anyway. :wink:
Cough up and go to a private physio then mate, I'd want a pro to examine me rather and give a diagnosis rather than the tinternet !


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Wedgy said:
Cough up and go to a private physio then mate, I'd want a pro to examine me rather and give a diagnosis rather than the tinternet !
What Wedgy said.

A good physio generally knows a shitload more about muscle / sport injuries than your average GP anyway, and you can get treated by physio without it going on your medical records.
A hamstring injury might present as your injury seems to but it wouldn't "free-up" in the way you mention. Could be nerve damage given your symptoms. Could be muscle. Could be anything. Critically you are not, because you are going to work, resting it and allowing healing to take place.

Having this on your med records should not be a problem. You are talking about probably a painful but minor sports injury that would respond to treatment and rest. The longer you p1ss about on it Ventress, the longer it will continue to plague you. Go see your GP and get some professional advice but be aware that GPs and sports injuries are like GPs and tropical medicine,; something of a stranger. So a physio or sports therapist, sadly privately paid for, is the answer either way.

There is no miracle cure lurking on a web-site. Time for applied common sense buddy...go on, get your small kit and report sick!
does your local hospital not have a sports injury clinic where you can go to to avoid your gp. ours has one or maybe its a mirage. does sound like hamstring trouble..mine went during a cft...felt like something had "snapped" in back of left thigh. couldnt put my heel down for the guts of two weeks. although having a sports injury on your docs shouldnt have any affect on your application.
Bloody hell mate go to the docs! If he can get it to clear up fine then it should give you trouble in selection and if he cant you probably shouldnt join the TA as you'll cripple yourself. If you dont go its loose-loose.. you wont be able to train and will fail selection, or you will pass by the skin of your teeth then fck yourself up during training.

Sounds like something similar to what I got at one point - piriformis syndrome - a muscle that runs along the sciatic nerve that either inflames or gets tightened up, and impinges the nerve, causing the pain you described.

Stretching the piriformis (Private Sports Therapists can do this, or you can use google) and keeping active will work it out in time :)

Of course I could be wrong and the pain you describe may well be the result of a popped intervertabral disc trapping the nerves that are going between the "gaps".

Get it checked out by a few people - I used osteopaths, 2 of which were crap though and just stuck needles in my leg and i thought they were going to sing kum-by-fcucking-ah - other 1 bashed about the muscles and sorted the problem for a bit - then i just stretched out and that pretty much solved it. :)

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