Soon to be Ex-Int Corps bird on News 24

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by evilgenius, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Watching BBC News 24 in work yesterday (instead of doing my proper job of course) they were reporting on a recruting fair by the Army in the Midlands. They spoke to various people and then spoke to this bird who had the illustrious Int Corps beret on. She was introduced as being a member of the Int Corps but was transferring to the RMP (it turned out that she had just finished phase 1 trg).

    Now i don't know about you guys but i don't think that we should be having splitters from the corps being interviewed on national telly wearing the beret, maybe they should be made to wear some sort of substitute beret or other suitable punishment/humiliation.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Well firstly, caught in the open press with your beret on. Thats a crate for a start.
  3. Being Int Corps and not being too ashamed to admit it is another crate

    Admitting to transfering to the Feds, an offence punishable by being made to wear a RAMC capbadge for a month (a fate worse than a fate worse than death).
  4. See here for side-splitting fun. Must be your special Intelligence Corps humour that goes right over the head of we lesser mortals.
  5. ...but was she fit???
  6. dunno didnt see.

    that I wouldnt know either, Im a scablifter!
  7. Imenno tak.

  8. Purple.
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  10. forgot to underline it ;)

  11. maybe it's my rebellious side shining through.. :oops:
  12. Them feckin NFDK again!
  13. Christ, why do the slime reckon they are something special? It was only a couple of months ago you had one of your bints all over soldier mag. Then the other day youre all up in arms over a 1982 corps mag on Ebay. Get a grip.
  14. oh dear, turned you down did we? :)
  15. p.s. she wasn't really one of us, FYI.