Soo - what IS your favourite piece of pipe music?

Be honest.........we have all, at some time, said rough words about the ginger, hairy kneed ones.............but, once and a while, even the most rabid Southerner gets all William Wallace at the sound of the screaming cat.

For GOM, it's usually when dining with the Jockinese and the port has done the rounds.........or, many years ago, at Edinburgh.

Sorry. Can't help it. The bleddy things start up and, 2 minutes in, all I want to do is mallet a Redcoat.

'Highland Cathedral' - especially when the boys are getting to the end and are not taking ANY prisoners.

'Black Bear' - half way through and hands and feet going like a NP nerve agent victim.

'Tumbledown' and 'Flowers of the Forest' - if the setting is right...........well, 'nuff said............

...........any thoughts, fellas?


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Highland Cathedral ( great at Murrayfield for when the Team runs out)

Black Bear.

Dark Island.

Barren Rocks of Aden.

Depends on the setting as you say, some are better for stirring the blood before a fight, other for tears for Rememberance.
Amazing Grace - Left on my answering machine last night, played by my 11 year old son who now lives in Scotland. His first tune on the pipes after the chanter / goose.
Highland Cathedral - it's specified in my will for my funeral........and i want the whole pipes and drums's so much better than pipes on their own.

And i'm not a sweaty either.
If you've ever heard it played at a funeral, parade or on the site of battlefield, then you'll know the effect it has on a man - The flowers of the Forest

One of the loves of my life-the pipes! and my favourites are
For that get up and at em-Glenfinnan Highland Gathering/Welcome the Piper and The Foxhunters
For moody/funerals-Fingal's Lament
Either way its music that gets right to a man's heart.
At the risk of sounding slightly confrontational, I think that all pipe music is - well - cr4p. Sorry but there it is!
the pipes - ahh the pipes - a soud know and hated the world over - have to say that my favourite piece of pipe music is one that that is played in such a way or at such a distance i cant hear it.
Not traditional, but The Gael (last of the mohicans) by the RSDG gets my wee bit of internal jockaneese going
'Flowers Of The Forest'
'Bonnie Dundee'
Both are Cracking Tunes.
Battle of the Somme

Crossing the Minch (a finger-breaker, if I ever wind up playing it)

Green Hills of Tyrol

The Banks of Allan Water
Follow them anywhere :D
Pibroch O'Donal Dhu (oldest known pibroch)
March of the Cameron Men
(Enough of the regimental loyalty... :cool:)

Sands of Kuwait
Barren Rocks of Aden

Black Bear
Flowers of the Forest - always gets everyone crying at military funerals

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