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Just bought one of the above and after the most long-winded set up process ever I was able to download all the speed cameras from the Sony website and enable them on the sat nav;

However it only shows them as a graphic on the map, and I cannot find how to enable an audio warning - pretty useless since I should be looking at the road not the screen when I'm driving!

Anyone else have this sat nav and a solution?! Maybe TomTom IS better :x
Tom Tom is better IMHO, I have actually brought Tom Tom 910, this is overall a much better sat nav as it cover UK Europe up to Moscow and USA Canada, considering how often I travel to USA and Canada it was money well spent, it saved me so much time when driving round.

it also have locations of speed cameras, specs cameras, tuvelo, known speed traps, and is updatable online, you can personalise the alerts, high beeps, boings, bells, woops woops, whatever you like.

I paid £499 at the time 12 months ago, it is now £349, even then it was money well spent, It got me out of some dodgy area in USA without trouble when I took a wrong turning.
My SAT NAV was built in to my car as an optional extra at almost £1000. The wife has a Tom Tom at about £300 at the time.

Given the option again the Tom Tom wins hands down, easy to use & update, & download POI (speed Camera Locations).

Whereas the Honda Accord Exec SAT NAV, update disc comes out every few years & costs almost as much as a new Tom Tom, the only benefit is the Hondas voice is a rather raspy hot sexy voice.

Mostly likely a 60+ yr old with throat cancer.
I also just bought the Sony based on price v features and very good reviews (in german car mags). I haven't tried the speed camera thing, but being old and sensible I don't really care where the speed cameras are, and most in my corner of Germany seem to be very temporary (a few hours) only anyway.

Other than that the thing is excellent and is exactly what I wanted - excellent display, good build quality, good well-timed useful spoken directions, detailed mapping of all of Europe - not just main routes, no frills like blue tooth mobile phone integration etc, and it has a traffic system although I haven't tried this yet .

The last one I used was in a new Mercedes e-class hire car. I don't know what the system was behind the merc badge, but I assume it was an expensive one. The sony is a significantly slower to work out the route, and the input is not very intuitive in places, but once I was used to it, just as good. I have used an older tom-tom but as it was a generation or two older, comments on its failings are fairly worthless.

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