Sony MP3 Player Headphones

NWZ-W262 (NWZW262, NWZW262B.CEW) : Portable audio : Sony

I'm planning to run a marathon and bought a pair of these to get me through distance training. Essentially, an MP3 player built into a set of sports headphones.

Alright, you look like a bit of a dick wearing them, but they're great otherwise. There's 2 GB of memory, so plenty of space for music. The battery life is good - the box states 8 hours, and it can't be far off. The sound quality is on par. The buttons are easy to operate, and it doesn't do anything complicated.

One of the best features is something called 'zappin'. At the touch of a button, it fades between clips of songs. When it gets to one you like, hit the button again and it starts playing from there. I thought it was a gimmick at first, but it works really well.

Highly recommended for £50.

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