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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Wedgy, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. I've just forked out for a brand spanking Sony laptop and it's great, wll except for when I charge it fully and leave it, it loses its power whilst it's turned off (about 10 % a day).

    Is this normal or is it faulty, should I be on the blower after a replacement?
  2. IMHO I'd bung it back whilst the newness is still in it. My daughter has an Acer (I'm using it now) and the battery does not drain significantly when not in use, 10% seems v.significant.
  3. Sony make batteries for Dell and Toshiba, and there was a much publicised furore lately about the batteries going on fire.


    Even if your lappy doesn't have one of the batteries listed, my intel informs me that Sony are being pretty good about all battery issues. Your first point of contact will be your retailer, though.
  4. Your certain your not putting it into standby/hibernate instead of turning it off?

    I bought a Sony a few years back and the battery was good for about a year then died although the laptop itself is brilliant.
  5. Good Question!! It does need some Batt power for the memory but 10% seems a tad too much..Have you rang the help-line printed at the back of the Destructions. Go back to the shop and ask questions, you never know they may upgrade the battery. You obviously want something done about it, that's why you're get on the phone or in the car, and let us all know how you get on
  6. I have a Sony VAIO had i a year. Leave it a month and still has loads of battery charge.

    Yours must be faulty.
  7. Ive a Vaio. I find if you shut the screen when shutting down before all the lights go off, it goes into hybernate. When I went back to it a few days later the battery had run down quite considerably.
  8. Mine does the same in the same circumstances.