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Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo/Arc

I understand both these phones have an HDMI port and can connect to a TV for showing captured HD video content at
720p. Is it possible to upload an AVI film to the phone, and plug the phone into a TV to watch. Our PS3 died recently and I miss being able to drop a film onto a USB stick and watch it via PS3.

Will this be possible with one of these phones, or any phones for that matter, I wont pay exorbitant Blackberry/Iphone prices. I'll buy another ps3 before I pay £60 a month for a mobile.

Any info appreciated.


Book Reviewer
should work I guess, but a bit long winded and the phone might not like trying to decode large files, what happened to brick the ps3?

I've got a hard drive enclosure which plays files from its drive straight to tv and also off the two network drives I have or why not just patch the pc/laptop into the tv as it must have more than just a hdmi port.
I just want to be able to watch downloaded films easily, and my phone contract is due for renewal. Whats this hard drive enclosure thing of which you speak, I have nearly 10Gb of pics I have to get off my laptop soonest. Ta for info.

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