Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro

It’ll soon be that time when I can bag myself a new phone, but I want to grab some advice (If anyone has one or something similar) first.

I’ve been looking at the X10 mini pro, I believe that the X10 has a stupid battery that is hidden and can’t changed and then runs out and buggers up, while the pro can be changed.
I need basic stuff, music, photos, changeable ringtones, porn (Downloaded computer & converted to 3gp) couple of games and fancy the apps and e-mail is a bonus but for personal use only. However I do use Sony bits- notes and the tasks and calendar which have the pop up reminder with alarm to tell you, my old LG didn’t have this and got right up my nose as you could only have up to 5 notes in it. Also Sony has an alarm which goes off even when the phone is set on silent (Which think as pig shit LG don’t, the alarm goes silent).

I’ve got fingers which are about as sensitive as my bell end when texting, so the Iphone (Also I’m a lefty, so iphone4 would have no signal) is touch screen, which I can’t do as I’ve tried on friends, even after turning it. So I need the keys which I can feel.

Is it (X10 mini pro) a good phone, or is there anything else out there similar with a keyboard I could get?


P.s. I ain’t no techno freak so simple phone with key pad!


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I've got a "proper" X10i and really enjoy it. It's not perfect, but I'd take it over an iPhone any day. I can't comment on the standard of the Mini or Mini Pro, but would expect them to be of similar quality. Be aware that Sony are shit at keeping their phones up to date with the latest Android upgrades - they shipped the X10 with 1.6, updated it to 2.1 long after 2.2 was released, and still haven't released a 2.2 upgrade even though we're not two versions further along.

For your leper fingers, I can tell you that the X10 offers "haptic feedback" on its touch-screen keyboards, where the phone offers a little vibration every time you press a key to let you know it's registered. It's quite useful.

The overall technology offers you plenty of grot and email. Personalised ringtones are a bit of a mare, but once you've worked out how the Mediascape app (pre-installed Sony software) does it all you're laughing.

On a final note, the X10 alarms are actually quite nice. There's one called "Surprise" which I find particularly pleasant to wake up to. Not the same kind of surprise I wake the missus up with, but still pleasant!

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