Sony Ericsson USB trouble

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Romeo_47, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Hello, this is prob in the wrong place as i thought this was the closest. Does anyone have anything to fix the USB problem i get. Firstly i installed the drivers then i put the phone in and it has not found it. I restarted the computer about 2 times, and tried to search for the phone. Does anyone know how to make it work?

  2. Query; Did you have the USB cable connected when you installed the drivers?, as this can sometimes affect the setup.

    I suggest uninstalling the drivers, re-start your PC then re-install, making sure the cable is not plugged in.

    FWIW I had a similar problem with a Samsung USB cable/drivers, which stillonly works when it feels like it. You might try the Sony Erricsson website see if any newer drivers are available.
  3. Open windows explorer and check to see if there is a new "drive" present. It should pop up as SonyXXX or similar. Sadly as it's USB it is not treated as anything other than a drive.

    I've had similar problems (S-E 600i) and found that Sony do not provide a decent interface for controlling the phone.

  4. Not using the Sony Ericssons, i can't really help much, but on my Nokia N-Series i have to activate a form of "Computer Mode" on the phone after it is connected to the USB port on the Laptop.

    Anyone else have a problem with Nokia data cables struggling to keep a steady connection? Im more inclined to think that it is linked to the pins on the phone?

  5. Nope, I will try uninstalling the whole thing. I did download the new driver from their website.
  6. In that case mate I'm at a loss, sorry.
  7. Some times its better to tell xp which driver to use and to do it manually, (classic view)go to control panel then system,then hardware,then device manager, the click on universal serial bus controllers,look for sony ericsson usb or if its not recognizes it may come up as unknown device,double click on it click driver,then double click update driver,it will show 3 options click no, not at this time,click next will then show 2 options click install from a list or specific location (advanced) then click dont search. i will choose which driver to install then click have disk and then tell it where the drive is i.e. CDROM OR DESKTOP WHERE EVER YOU HAVE SAVED THE DRIVER YOU DOWNLOADED it will then search that locn and will ask if the driver is xp certified click yes it may ask you to reboot once it is installed
  8. SE phones can be a pain. I've had the devil's own job installing a V600i on Vista.

    First question - are you using a USB cable that came with the phone, or an aftermarket package?

    Second Question - what model is your phone?
  9. Nokia USB connectivity - flaky as fcuk. Try a bluetooth dongle on your PC. They're about £8 from Tesco.