Sony Ericsson K800i

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by call_me_jack, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. Do any ARRSErs have one? Are they any good?

    Looking for a new phone with a decent camera, this seems like a good choice but wanted to know what people thought of them or if there were any problems (particularly need to know how robust they are).

    Thanks in advance.

  2. The wife has one , It is better than my Nokia N73 , It produces good photos and is very user friendly. It has also been dropped on a number of occasions and had no problems.
  3. Cheers mate, glad to hear it survives being dropped, I'm a clumsy cnut and forever dropping my mobile.

    What is the average battery life? Will it last me 5 days of normal use?
  4. Ive got one.

    Theyre ok, easy to use,
    battery seems fairly decent .. 3 - 4 days as far as longetivity goes when the majority of your usage is text or phone. The camera and tinternet use a lot of power up as do the games..
    Robustness? Mine's been dropped a few times and has stood up well to the abuse. The camera slide is a pain in the tits. in your pocket, it...slides... which can and does upset the phone, mine's locked up a few times needing the battery removing to 'reset' it. a decent case to put it in would be worth getting. only needs a pocket thing like PSPs come with.. just summat to stop the camera lensee slide from being snagged.

    Mine was free on O2

    Hope that helps?
  5. had one for about 8 months its great
  6. I've got a K750i and there isn't much difference. I fully recommend them.

    For the love of god, anyone reading this are advised to stay well clear of Motorolas. They are the RAF of mobile phones.

    Utterly, utterly useless.

    I did have one of the new style Nokias but am not impressed with them. I used to despise Sony Ericcsons but so far I've managed to be swayed by them. And I'm extremely fussy when it comes to mobile phones. Definitely the way ahead.
  7. Two shedding a bit here. I have two, one for me and the other for the CGS. Good phones, great camera and great quality. I used to be a Nokia chap for years until I got a Nokia N73. I was fiddling with it in the car on the way back from getting it, dropped it on the floor and it dismantled itself. Rushed back and swapped it for the 800i.
  8. I have the 810i...Like it a lot.
  9. Yep great phone, often on building sites, works in all winds and weathers, better than the fashion acces I had (razer), wat a load of bollox that was.
  10. I have a Nokia N80. It is a good cam with a 3 megapixel camera. I am changing contract soon and have been caryying out CTRs on all the providers. The K800i came out top, but I have decided to wait until the first couple of months of next year when the N95 comes out. It will have a 5MP camera and built in GPS for Tom Tom. Might be worth the wait..
  11. It'll end in tears. You know it will...
  12. If you decide to buy one make sure it is Sim free , Then you will have no problems using what ever Sim card you already have .
    You can also keep the same mobile number
  13. Sorry...that's just one on the cheapest contract that suits your needs, port your number, and then unlock the handset. There are plenty of free sites for unlocking Nokias on the web....FFS don't pay anyone to do it.

    Or buy the cheapest pay as you go and do the same.