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Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by thegimp, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. Currently mulling over buying one of these things, on the face of it it looks ideal, I normally have a day sack toppers with books on my travels.

    But its 200 quid and apart from the 100 classic titles you get free with it you have to pay the full wack for titles and looking at the range of ebooks from Waterstones it seems like the ones available are all "straight to DVD" types

    If I can cram it with reference books etc it would be useful

    Its also new ish technology, no doubt there will be upgrades to follow

    Thoughts please

    Shiny trinket or usful space saving tool?

    note doesn't do colour pictures so not suitable for paras
  2. I saw an advert for these today on my morning run and would love to know if they are any good. Can you read PDFs on them?
  3. One of my relatives brought one of these over from the U.S last month.
    I must admit I was pretty impressed. The screen was excellent and nothing like reading an e-book off your laptop.
    Don't be taken in by the free 100 e-book offer though. All the free books offered with it are already freely and legally available on line.
    Apparently the UK version is available with newer firmware already preloaded so PDF files will scale properly to the screen. Previously you needed to convert your files to the e-reader format.
    Its still a bit pricey though.
  4. I think that as with any new technology it'll be a while before it is really up and running. However, I've a feeling that these will do to books what the Ipod has done to CDs. As someone who has worked at Borders for over 10 years i can tell you that the book retailers are a bit nervous about them.
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Right, that's sold me on one then.

    Have been interested for a while, and if you know where to look, there is enough 'free' content out there. The only thing that was getting me wondering, was battery life. I imagine it light 'dimmer' options to preserve the batteries, but I wasn't sure how long it would last on long flights or 'the middle of nowhere'.

    Also, there is the damage factor - is it squaddie proof?

    And the purists would argue that spending £200 + XYZ on each subsequent book is a bit stupid when you can pay £7.99 for an authentic read.
  6. I think its second generation (505) the first was (500)

    Its apparently got 7500 pages turned on a full battery, although not sure how that alters with slow readers with IQs lower than their cholesterol levels

    If you want a read in the dark option they are flogging a case with incorporated light

    The only real selling point for me is the reduction of bulk when carrying loads of book on long trips, books which just get dumped/left/donated in what ever location

    Negatives, you can't read it in the bath, probably not clever to read in on the beach with sand and sun slap, price, if you loose a paperback no drama, loose this you'd be fairly p+ssed off. Its technology therefore not squaddie proof

    I've ordered one anyhow, its due in with the next flight from the real world, I will report back
  7. I've been considering one of these myself. Whereas it would be great to load on technical books and therefore reduce the number I have to take on Ops (boy, that would be great), it has the big disadvantage that I can't share books I've finished with with others.
  8. shame was thinking of getting one as intend to do an open university degree and thought it might be useful has anyone any idea of if they work on ops yet
  9. From the one I had my mitts on, I can confirm that there is no problem reading the screen outside in bright sunlight.
    Well as bright as it gets in Glasgow.
  10. I bought one of these (the newer model, the 505) about a week ago in a BX in the states - $250.

    Very pleased with it. It's very easy on the eye when reading - I used to have books on my PDA but found them to be quite annoying to read. Books specifically formatted for it (ebooks) are very easy to read; I've also loaded various random PDF files on to it. Whilst these are readable their page size is generally set to A4 so they require a bit of fannying about with to make them properly readable (text size).

    Recommended tho :)

    Edited to add, they are as easy to read as a normal book in terms of lighting :)
  11. Why not get an iPhone, they are £99 and an 18 month contract but you get all the functionality of the phone and an ipod and you can get a free e-reader from itunes. I use the e-reader quite regularly its really good and the touchscreen makes it very user friendly. There are plenty of books available for it.
  12. not really the same is it, throw in your 99 quid and 18 months contract and you are seeing yourself off, plus you need a fecking magnifying glass and lady fingers to work your apple folly
  13. Most publishers like the idea of e-books because they enable them to cut out the bookstores (and the costs of printing and distribution, and some sales costs) and thus sell people the same words for a much higher profit.
    So as independent publishers (and Arrse advertiser - see us at the top of the page!), we ought to be delighted about their arrival. But I can't see it.
    The comparison with the iPod is one that's often made, but iPods do the same thing that Walkmans used to do - deliver music to your ears - only better than the Walkman and any other similar device before or after it could. They don't change the way you listen to music - they just make it easier to do it.
    E-readers do change the way you read - they don't feel or read the same as paper (not yet, anyway - maybe they will eventually).
    Yes, they can store 1,000 titles, but who really needs that many books?
    Plus, you can drop a paperback in the pool, or sit on it, or have it nicked, or leave it on the train, and you've only lost a few quid.
    Finally, you can't impress young blonde women with your impressive bookcase full of intelligent and wide-ranging literature (including the chatterati's must-read du jour Picking Up The Brass) if it's all locked away on a little piece of cruddy plastic.
  14. I read some reviews - the consensus seems to be that the Kindle will defeat the alternatives - the download situation varies a lot between the types.
  15. :D A little bit cheeky as most of your titles started off electronically :D

    But fair points