Sony delays PlayStation game over Quran lyrics

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. The Grauniad
    I take it that Muslims aren't allowed dictionaries then either :roll:
  2. Personally I think this is stupid. Face it, the Koran is a big old book, so its a fair bet there are lots of very common sayings that are used every day.

    End of the day if your so devout a Muslim that a line in a game would offend you… you probably shouldn’t be playing the game in the first place!

  3. Why is it that there is always someone who is offending Muslims. FFS get over it and stop being the victim. I don't see all the other faiths calling for this and that as it offends them. If you don't like it don't buy it or switch off, it's that simple. WAN**ERS
  4. errrrm, tbh when i read it i felt that they didn't want to put off NON muslims and weren't worried about offending muslims...

    islam isn't very popular in most parts of the worlds you know, believe it or not. :roll:

  5. Wouldn't this also mean editing every Death Metal song ever written?
  6. Bunch of whinging cnuts.....
  7. Whats sodding next lets get shot of god save the queen and change it to allah save the queen, some how I dnt think so ffs its PC sodding go mad ahhhhhhhhhhh it grips my shit.
  8. Personally i find blowing up tube trains offensive towards Brits but im Christian so I dont count.
  9. Beep beep, the outrage bus is here!
  10. The cynic in me says that that Sony are getting some very cheap publicity from all of this...
  11. I'll join you in the cynicism.

    Though I do wonder why they pulled this game yet last year they only apologised to the CofE... surely they are losing money by withdrawing this game to delete those lyrics, which defeats the point of the publicity a little.
  12. Because the muslims are likely to kill you.
  13. That would imply that all Muslims are violent extremists...?
  14. Never mind the Muslim aspect, why in a game rated for seven year olds, would you want song lyrics like "Every soul shall have the taste of death"?
    When I was seven I played Buck-a-roo and Kerplunk. Oddly enough I don't remember there being any references to death.
  15. If they can spot anything to p**s and moan about they will. Two lines of one song out of a whole friggin game. And my mrs wonders why i hate them. Just shut up and have a bacon sandwich or just f**k off.

    That's better