Sony A580

Hello Chaps has anyone got this camera by any chance, how well does it compare to others and what photo editing software will work with this ?

Also best all round lens for general use ?



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havent heard anything bad about it - sony havent released any dogs as far as I know. tried looking for any online reviews?

as for lenses, certainly any Sony SLR lens will fit it and probably a lot of Minolta glass too. are you just buying the body and not a kit setup?


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I played with one of these at work the other day - easy to use though i found it a little bulky to hold but i have smallish hands,good menu settings and layout quick to work your way around, it has steadyshot apparantly but that was evident when i was using it, lcd panel that moves a little but not really a tilt one IMO just open or closed, the burst shoot function was a good find on a mid range camera, i could see that being used a lot - was £600 for the body and extra for lenses in the shop so still on the pricey side for me. Ill stick with my nikon for now
I saw a deal from Germany with body, 18-55 and 55-200 lens bundled in for £645 with postage to the UK.

Online reviews are good, I would also like to hear real world opinions as well.

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