Sonthoffen area (Allgau)

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Ayrforce1, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. Does any one have any contacts for a decent Pension/hotel in and around Sonthoffen/Hindelang/Wertach area. Want to go skiing in that area. I would like to drive over and use the car there.

  2. ATG(G) Used to have a lodge in centre of Oberstdorff.
    Stopped there in 2003 and was pretty good, basic but had everything you would need.
  3. Cheers to all
  4. Aah Sonthofen, Allgau, 1983 with 1 ADSR I think it was (Soest?)
    A good Chalet/Rasthaus Pension thing with an hilarious Landlord with a big red nose who was always shiters getting aggro from his Frau and a broom :eek: Romantic snowball fights with the visiting girlfriend and frantic sh@gging in the Guesthouse across the road. Good days :D Divorced the old trout 15 years later as it happens. Crystal Balls are a great thing... :x
  5. Tremaine the memories are now flooding back.
    4 ADSR had their hut at Wald

    Historical coach trip round Munich humming the dam busters theme
    Me and mate getting caught nicking 6ft x 8ft painting out of local pension and having to buy landlord beer all night for getting caught.
    Langlaufing (xcountry skiing?) and being crap at it

  6. I looked this up, should have said 3 ADSR 1983, St Sebastian with the Scaleys, no offence meant.Should know, since I was married in bottom Camp Church (how the fcuk would I forget :x ) Went down to bottom Camp with 3 Regt AAC that year. Down on SnowQueen in Sonthofen same year. Great memories, and where I first heard the story of "Paras going down Ski runs on Beer crates!"

    Lots of Gluhwein and Pils, RosenMontag and fit German sorts.
  7. I seem to remember the story was they went down a ski jump on a beer crate, any truth in that story does anyone know?
  8. Let's ask again shall we? :eek:
  9. Yes. It followed shortly after I and the remainder of the RAOC Langlauf team made the first ever recorded descent of the Zugspitz, blindfold, a la Telemark style. This set me up some years later for the fastest recorded descent of the Cresta Run in a specially modified Series II 1/2 Tonne LR.

    Great days. Only marred by the frostbite I suffered as a result of training for weeks on end wearing fingerless green woollen Army gloves. I struggle on.
  10. Now I know you are having us on: fingerless green woollen Army gloves indeed???


  11. I think the rest of it's a bit suspect....the fastest recorded descent of the Cresta Run in a specially modified Series II 1/2 Tonne LR went to Top Gear.
    Tiff Needell is a legend 8)

    No need for thanks
  12. Contact Point Venture.

    The guy that runs it is the ex-APTC W/O1 AT instructor from the BAC. Lived in Sonthofen for years, and spent the majority of his 26 yrs in the army teaching in the area. He'll point you in the right direction.

    Ask him about Tina and Orlando's pizza place in Kranzeg. I lived there when I worked as a ski instructor for Sam of PV. They do accm. Nice people as well.

    Good luck
  13. Cheers again all,

    I got myself into the REME hotel. Much cheapness!!!!!!!!!