Sons signing up later today....

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by Helsboy, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. Hi there..... My son is signing up later today. Think that's great no problem there. Could some tell me what the tests are ie physical and intellectual... He wants to go into the aircraft maintenance side of things as he already has his HNC and HND in this. And how long does it all take from when he signs the papers....... Typical 20 yr old... Tells me nothing!!!!

    He has also got highers in Maths, chemistry and physics.

    Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. When you say he is signing up, do you mean he is going to the AFCO and starting the process of joining the Army? If he's interested in aircraft maintenance the perhap (and keep this to yourself on here!!) he should be looking perhaps at the RAF?

    All the info you (and your Son) needs is on the Army Careers website.
  3. Hes done the application form online and going to the careers office today to have his BMI checked and to sign paperwork.... He says!!!!

    I did suggest the RAF when he said aircraft maintenance .... And got told I have done my research!!!!

    Have just been to the AC website and it was helpful, thanks.
  4. Ahh the infamous 'he says' quote! Kids eh? Dontcha just love 'em???

    Let me guess. You suggested the RAF based on his carreer choice and pffft 'I've looked and it ain't for me. I wanna go Army. Don't you know nuffin?'

    Bless the little cherubs :)

    Hope all goes well for him. Just keep up the moral support. (And do your own research on the side!!)
  5. Lol.... You got it in one..... And have been doing my own research as well..... Think he's in for one hell of a big shock.... But it will do him good!!!