Sons arrived at Purbright selection (fingers crossed)

Time to chill out and let him do his thing. He'll be fine; just give him the space to get on with it. Don't phone the guardroom to see how he's getting on. The DS would just love that!
Dont worry theres nothing you can do now its up to your lad. I used to be sat twiddling my thumbs when it got to about 3-4pm on the second day waiting for my applicants to phone and let me know if they passed. The worst thing is if they phone on the frst day to say there coming back after the medical that night. Surprisingly enough when my son went down I didnt have any nerves at all.
So how did he get on at the ADSC, did he pass, if so what job has he been offered :?
I worked at Pirbright for two years and was very impressed with the quality and standard of the DS. Had a very enjoyable tour and was always impressed with the Passing Out pArade results - considering what we had to work with from day one! I hope he succeeds and does well. be proud of him.

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