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Hey, I am quite a fan of running cadences etc!

Does the Royal Engineers have any cadences that you would learn during training?

If so could you post them here!

Thank you!

P.S Sorry if this has already been asked
Cadences ?

Thats what you would do to stop a vehicle safely before the inception of ABS!

.......if you get into our illustrious Corps and questions like this enter your head then let them stay in there....DO NOT LET THEM GO NEAR YOUR LIPS!
sorry, i just like cadences as i find when im running i can get into a pace quicker, and some of them are funny!!!

Just wondered if the Corps had some traditions like that!

And i said sorry if someone else had asked the question incase another cadet maybe asked!!! :D
Wow, wow, wow. You never mentioned you were Scottish. One of the chosen few. Not a lot of us, and when you come home, place is a lot better when hearing jock accents all the time.

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