Songs to get you ready for a night on the lash...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by macattack, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. Just about to go for a night on the lash with a few mates and I'm listening to the macc lads, Charlotte and julie the schoolie to be exact.

    takes me back a few years to friday nights in the block in 13 sigs, just next to the detties block, and this album/song was always on, before we hit the NAAFI.

    WRAC block was in view, lots of Int Corps and R Sigs Clerks, a nice night in the NAAFI and then maters and then Malesh.

    Makes me feel like a 21 year old again, (nearer 39 now!!!), yeah, different times, married now, got a kid too, but come on what makes you get mad for it on a saturday night?

    chips and gravey twice please!!!
  2. Spread your legs and get your knickers down!

    Ahhh memories!
  3. Spec Op?

    Married too, no way.
  4. Nah, worse than that

    TE Tech!!

    Spec ops were on the other side of the square
  5. Anything above Mains is RF to a TE tech. Don't know about going out music, but used to play A Love Like Blood by Killing Joke to gee me up for footy matches. Worked too.
  6. I find most tracks by Sum 41 do it for me, particularly the Hell Song. Or Overkill by Motorhead, Another Girl Another Planet by the Only Ones - even (and I know it's wrong) Mono by Courtney Love.

    Make me feel like I'm 18 again. My wife does complain though, and the children look at me like I've gone mad.
  7. kylie minogue.....i shoulld be so lucky

  8. Firestarter - Prodigy
    Insomniac - Faithless

    Anything with a bit of 'go' in it.
  9. A throwback to happy days in Aberystwyth, but the DVD or soundtrack of Kevin & Perry Go Large always got my housemates and I in the appropriate frame of mind.

    "Mopeds! Cider! Party! I can see her bra..."

    "Muff, Wankette, you dirty little club babes- get in."

    "El beachio!"

    "-Goodnight Germans."
    "-Goodnight man in a suitcase"
    "-Goodnight half man-half luggage"

    "Gemma, lick my love plank."

    Ahh. (CT gets all nostaglic and signs off to order said film from Amazon.)
  10. $58 (£40) for a used Region 1 DVD from Amazon!!!

    What the fcuk? What the fcuking fcuk???
  11. Meatloaf, "All revved up and no place to go" - qualiteee! 8)
  12. Insomniac - Faithless, then switch to sky tv, MTV Dance on a Saturday Night, pipe the music through sound system, and on the monday morning get a letter of complaint from the landlady.

    When i was in, it was "Brothers in Arms".

  13. Sham 69, "Hurry up Harry."
  14. Die Mother Fcker Die by Dope

    Then I wonder why bouncers never let me in :/
  15. :D